Captain Cooks Casino Review: Sportsbook, Poker: Is it Legit? 2018

[WPXperVideo id=43 ]okay guys what’s up it’s Justin here from bet Meister and look I have not reviewed this casino yet it’s on my to-do list I’m going to review it in the future when I do review it in the future I will leave an updated link below in the description now if you’re still looking for legit and safe sites to gamble on then I recommend playing on bet online or 888 if you’re from the United States go with bet online if you’re from anywhere else in the world you can go with vet online or 888 these two sites are good they’re legit they’re safe if you deposit your money there and you win you’re gonna be able to withdraw I’ve left links below in the description to bet online as well as 888 there are also some promo links down there that you can check out and see if there are any good bonuses going on if you have a question be sure to leave it in the comments I hope this video has been helpful this has been Justin from bet Meister and I’ll see you guys later

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