[WPXperVideo id=39 ]what’s up guys it’s me avoid Steve I’m here and it stays video I’ll be discussing a topic that I’ve done before kind of I’ve done this kind of video before where I discussed a site or website and I would say if it’s legit personally for my experiences and the way service work was worked so on this video last time I did is fragrance legit some of you guys it was controversial some of you guys agreed so many guys didn’t agree and I’ve realized just update you guys in that video I realized that they are legit still I think there’s still are legit I realized that they sent you magazines and newspapers after you use them for one purchase which kind of was kind of bad because I still get magazines and newspapers from them and I haven’t ordered from them for like a month so it’s been coming and that’s why I don’t like one thing about frames net but today I’m going to be talking about is not I know calm legit Latino calm I’ve shopped for about six seven months from them and I’ve gone about I think ten colognes total I think from them I have gone valentino LUMO intense recently I made a video about that you can check it out an inscription below and I’ve also gone pure malt about a few months four or five months ago I got this really cheap I got it for like $50 and right now it goes for about 75 77 I think so pure malt I got pretty recent and I also got for Saachi dumb blue pretty recently too from Latino obviously I’ve also got a lot of samples as you can see a lot of samples but I just want to say are they legit or not and obviously all these clones I’ve checked I’ve made sure you know how long Versace and blue last how she’s fresh Versace I’m blue smell how should a Valentino Wilma last is there any Reformation Sam I have I got three from version I’ve got a fake or whatever you know I haven’t got any fake snow fix you know no fakes and I’m purchasing so I didn’t get scammed or anything and also their service is on point you know they arrive on time sometimes they even arrived a day early which is even better and also this is not a sponsored video by the way this is just my own opinion about a company so they’re they care for the customers they provide Authentics not fakes personally for my experience I’ve gone about seven eight colognes from them and three of them I just not showed off and they’re all real pretty much I think that a teen or calm is the do it for my opinion basically I think they are legit and I think most people agree with me just because it’s more favored versus fragrance Netcom first on comms like the second level and Tino’s the first level that’s what I think personally I think that II know is it a little better than fragrance I’m calm but I think also still that fragrance Netcom is stillage it but that you sent out magazines and newspapers after you purchased from them that’s why I don’t like but matino everything is fine with ninety no I like them good service and they are legit in my opinion so tell me what you guys think in the comments below and if you didn’t enjoy this video click the like button and subscribe and share this video their friends and you can check out my videos for Valentino homo and the pure malt video description below and peace [Music]

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