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[WPXperVideo id=51 ]hey everyone its rob here I’m over at 32 rigged casino and I’m playing Mega Moolah aggressive jackpot by micro gaming going to have a look at all the different features on this slots got a free spin bonus progressive jackpot we all bonus whoa that’s the big one there’s 25 lines on this slide I’m playing at 1 pounds 25 any bet can get you into that progressive jackpot round there with the wheel and it just staked in the help file that’s the high your stay command more likely you are to trigger that bonus so I’m going to have a little plate 1 pound 25 just to see how we go as you can see on the reels you’ve got your basic symbols your 10 Jack Queen King and ace got those symbols there the lower paying singles and you’ve got your animals which are the higher paying symbols we have got the lion he’s wild looking in here and ran away now mr. lion he’s wild in the base game and he’s also wild in the free spins and the best thing about the free spins around all the wings the x rays they’ve got massive potential there so come on then we’re looking for 3 4 or 5 scattered lively monkeys on the reals they’re going to do a little dance and get us on the free spins that’ll give us 15 free spins which teasing me come on where’s these monkeys come on let’s have it we’ve got 15 free spins what are we going to get all the winter time 3 I love the music on this sly so fun though shelter me of I start singing along well I’m too busy worried about the music we’re up to 49 pound they’re already off the aces full line full line of aces take time 3 that’s nice decent decent free spins I’m on less of it more bid wins please can get the free spins again we can Bree trigger getting those 3 4 or 5 lively monkeys on the reels anywhere that’s going to grab fifty-three Stinson together and unfortunately we can’t trigger the progressive jet from the priestess I believe that only on the base game so come on let’s get some state wins in come on we can do it come on where’s mr. lion at he’s whale going to make some nice part of the current wins on their previous intervals if that line comes in in the right place ah slow down still get a decent bonus I’m sorry brother I just get carried away when the music so good come on no something more free speech doesn’t look like it’s going to reach rigor oh nice the bonuses just crept over a hundred quid they’re lovely beautiful no nothing to finishes off hundred and two quid very decent Mac happy with that first free spins on a one-pound 25 steak boom lovely come on then let’s go let’s see what else we can get one again another free spins bonus in there and I really want that jackpot progressive bonus wheel to be triggered on the base game at the end of any spins have come on yes come on we’re back in we’ve got our lively monkeys alright shake that pops give us some money look at that he’s shaken then going down there hey come on fifteen free spins on the go time three multiplier what’s it going to be this kind happy with the last bonus I’ll be a happy with anything over 100 pounds of our company come on let’s have something nice where’s mr. lion come to me show me a wild one five of a kind rawr otherwise I’ll start singing if you don’t give me any wings come on where are you I subscribe the kind of wings where are you know that was so close we nearly had all reet rigor there that would have been nice it’s good though cause you do get a win when you get two of those scattered so it’ll just bitter dope better money you want to get those three scratches in don’t we though we want to get those 15 free space time three wins come on where are you I think I’m in that Kudo is winking at me look at that three of a kind there would have liked to have got that part of the time the mornings there the premium symbols come I want some more of them ooh very disappointing not as good as the last free spenders at all it’s very hard would have expected more than that now hold your horses hold your horses look at us were up to 58 quid right that one ended like I always do that I have a cry and it last bin are we going to give a tree trigger no 58 pounds and 15 thing yeah happy with that I thought it was going bad there then but it built us back up just in the last little round come on very nice let’s crack on I want to get that jackpot progressive bonus haven’t had that yet so come on let’s quest on for that let’s go I’m thinking won this jackpot bonus and if you increase your stake you’ve got a better chance at hitting that progressive jackpot bonus oh yeah I think I’m going to increase it going to have a couple around on the maps bets because I really want this jackpot bonus to commercial and have a crack about 2.5 million I’ll tell you what I think I reckon Mega Moolah is a very high variance game you’ve got that two and a half million jackpot there on that negative aggressive ten thousand on that major and battle in grid world 99 on that – oh yeah reckon it’s high variance really like 15 they’ve got a safari theme going on here with all the different animal rings whoa God speaking of animals have got the Zephyrs in there for two hundred three quid whoa nice five of a kind they’re glad I got this – six pound 25 now really want to get this jackpot bonus in so I push then stay to the right to the maximum which is six pound 25 want to get this Shack bonusing just want to spin that jackpot wheel oh dear as you can tell the balance of traditional book nevermind will back in I’ve got the three spins 15 please things come on let’s pour it on let’s see what we can get come on big steak six ounce 25 so you need to put some food down for these animals need to bring them out somehow can’t get to find all the kind on the bonus so hard get come on really want to see it gets nice wins the big steak oh I would so happily take a reit Ripper another fifteen three spins come on where are you come on lively monkeys oh dear this isn’t going very well at all is it on that big stake as well we did that you’re on one count when he finds never mind we’ve still got some spins left let’s say we do pull it back come on mr. line you can go in a better place than that ah show me and monkeys where are you my teams from a leader Rico you really need a rear trigger nice long spin there I was thinking it was working something nice out but no no win oh come on I think I need to put another pound in the meter here a couple of spins left feeling disappointed to be honest I was kind of hoping for a better win than that especially on six pound 25 I’m really what I wanted to see but never mind well crack on still got to convince that are you having a giraffe just three kings all that pathetic command you may notice it’s telling me that other players are winning these progressives why aren’t I winning them because the manic aggressive has been wound by someone else not me well there we are there an 87 pounds 75 it’s all money I’ll take a suppose but would have expected something better than that we’re going to crack on we want to get another bonus in so come on let’s keep it going I’m surprised with not a jackpot bonus yet because that run in Lee comes up at the end of a spin and the highest stake the more likely you are to get it so hold the phones were back in we’re on 6 pound 25 and their money together we lively monkeys again – come on let’s get into a great big bonus always frankly we could do we can do both come on that is smashing time come on lion do you want me to row you a big winning come on seriously you’ve got to do better than that [Music] it’s the Queen always just a lady come on good appoint another lady on the Internet makes up part of the time okay I’ll take it she’s back we’ve got the ladies again it’s just three Queen come on let’s get moving the Queen looking for we’ve got that three livelihood team we’ve got our extras three things this team or prepend getting their luck we’ve got a nice little poetry this is going to potential the show is now rarely needed season ice cream get that balance right come on we can do it come on come on ready to read you can do it throw the wings into this come on just got a couple of a5 to kind of keep it going you just need to calm down god knows what the neighbors think I just need to calm down group oh that was a lovely window dropping come on we’ve got some spins left we can do it we can get a nice another nice moving come on ro just the two escaped is where we’ve been where was your little monthly friends no come on reasonable wings in come on let’s see them don’t quiet on the wind front now rarely highs will back down to Kenny will moving up again we’re on the cleans come on more debris being sure it appears three stocks well frequently togetherness it is Mega Moolah or mega through all question misil oh wow look at that he’s done it again we’ve got a 5 of a kind on the Kings are those unbelievable look at the size of that win now absolutely fantastic so glad I stuck with it still have never mind look at that oh oh that’s so nice last bit I don’t care new win I don’t really care 646 ah just over 100 times sake Oh lovely look at that balance now come on then folks let’s crack on want to get this jackpot bonus in really we’ll have a shot at those progressive chocolates come on Megan Omar you can do it Wow as you can see the balance has taken a bit of a hide in there we’re well down look at that such a shame after that nice brief spin around but never mind requesting God come on please please warm up bonusing come on Wow I nearly jumped out my skin and oh good grief we’ve got it so we’ve got the Mega Moolah jackpot bones come on the wheels going to spin and we have a cooler segment we land in that’s going to give us that prize so if we land in that white one that’s going to be 2.5 million come on No well we’ve got the lowest one there 13 pound line that’s the jackpot where this wheel never mind randomly tributary and any Flint within this game Oh typical got the lowest one well there we have it then the fantastic Mega Moolah progressive jackpot slots at 32 red casino couple of interest in bonuses there and Mega Moolah jackpot progressive we’ve got that jackpot wheel just before Shane we got the lowest one overall I like this slot and I’ve enjoyed playing it’s so fantastic my name is Rob and I’ll see you again very soon take care bye for now

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