Nanolash results before and after 2 months use

[WPXperVideo id=55 ]hi so this is the beginning of my journey with nano lash so nano lash it’s a serum that is supposed to make your lashes grow longer and thicker so today I have got on benefit they’re real mascara and that is about the best I can get my lashes to look not bad Masha’s aren’t too bad I wish there was more full but they’re there long enough I think problem with they’re real from benefit is that it’s a bugger to get off it’s a bloody nightmare it’s almost like trying to get off waterproof mascara but it’s not waterproof it’s just normal so I don’t use it all that often anyway so I’m gonna take my makeup off and show you Nana lash how you use it and oh let me tell you why I’m trying it out so I’m in a group called mrs. gloss and the Goss it’s a Facebook group it’s massive massive group all about beauty makeup and as a majority female but there are a few males in there but anyone that cares about grooming makeup beauty fashion hair I don’t know everything everything to do with being shallow is an awesome group actually really really good nice group of people and a good fun it does make you spend your money so you have to be very very careful so it’s made me spend my money I’ve bought this nano lash stuff because someone posted the results they posted photos of their eyelashes following several weeks of use of nano lash and so I had to try it and that’s why I’m gonna take you through how it works on my lashes so let’s get this gunk off my face so they go I’m naked naked of so there’s my lashes now with no mascara on they’re not nothing but they’re not particularly thick and sort of strong and luscious so yeah let’s see what we can do it’s undone minor low lash very much like a mascara wand and that is now what we’re dealing with it’s like an eyeliner and apparently you just use it like an eyeliner so I’ve not done this without the use of a mirror I did it last night for the first time so tonight is out only the second time you do top and bottom so I’m gonna kind of try and do using this camera as a mirror and yeah you need to get it so that the serum touches the space between the lashes and the skin and you have to be a little bit careful because it’s quite strong chemicals that you’re putting on your eyes here so you want to make sure that you don’t get it in your eyes apparently I’ve had a few drinks this is maybe not the cleverest thing to be doing but whatever oh like I got it straight my let’s see if my eye falls out okay right that’s gonna have to do I understand the ingredients I use in this product and there are others on the market there’s one called eyelash which is a lot more expensive pixie Wu’s swear by it I think it’s Nicola from pixie Rose has the most amazing results from using lie lash I think we didn’t they use it’s something to do with I think it’s to do with glaucoma I think what happened was there’s this medication for people with glaucoma and they noticed that the people on this medication groove most amazing lashes so they’ve obviously used it for now for cosmetics in products like this let’s talk about price so if you buy one of these directly from nano lash from their website it’s 35 pounds but they charge you ten pound postage so let’s face it that’s 45 pounds even I can work that out it’s quite a lot 3 milliliters it’s not a lot but apparently it should last between minimum six months probably longer because you need like my new amount however if you buy two you don’t have to pay postage and I think it’s 35 pounds each I ended up buying three and that works out a 90-pound say 30 pound apiece no postage I thought that I would probably sell one on 30 pounds just to make it a little bit cheaper really so yeah I probably do that so anyway perpetually weave results of this as and when we see any Telmo okay so this is an update on nano lash eyelash serum I’ve been doing it for six weeks now exactly I did the first treatment on the first of July and I’ve been doing it daily for every day there’s a couple of days where I’ve not done it in the morning so I’ve ended up doing it in the evening and then I carry on doing it in the evening until I forget to do it an evening and then I end up doing it the next morning if that makes any sense I think I’ve got quite good results actually so far I thought I’d show you me applying mascara so you can see how long they are because the only thing is they’re not obvious on camera it’s quite difficult to show you so I’m just gonna oh maybe I need a mirror here okay just get in a mirror right so I’ve got my mascara wand and I’m just gonna really quickly so it gets to the end this is an old mascara it’s not that gray anymore but I’m tight and I never throw anything away until I really have to I’m just trying to show you how long my lashes are now so that’s one application I’m trying to figure out how you can best see not really sure and they’re lower lashes you can see I’ve not got any mascara on them they’re really much longer than they were so chocolate with a mascara on there as well just really on the ends as I say this mascara it’s not the best I’ve not dipped it again so but it just paints them a little bit so you can see quite impressive just a really light coating of mascara and we do the other one now shall we I’m really impressed so far I think it’s worth the money about 30 pound for the tube and I’ve got plenty left so I reckon it’ll do me for another good two or three months maybe well I’m noticing some of my lashes going a bit mad [Music] so like crossing over I guess where they’re not shedding and they kind of almost tangling which is kind of cool really but hopefully you can see I think one your coat of mascara I think that’s quite impressive so so far so good but I’m gonna do definitely a few more weeks if not longer and see how they go I’m hoping that they get thicker they’re definitely longer but will they get thicker let’s see oh yes so it’s two weeks on from the last video and I thought I’d just give you a further update I’m not really thinking that there’s much change now I think that possibly we’ve peaked and that they are as good as they will get I’ve just got my mascara wand so I can paint my lashes for you and give you an idea of how long they are this is a better mascara than I used last time this is their real from benefit so forgive me for using the viewfinder as my mirror but that’s how it’s going to go so a really quick application there and what I’m finding is there definitely a lot longer but they’re just not fuller they’re not thicker so I think that the the product does do its job but only really in lengthening certainly that’s my experience so my mission now is to go out and find the best thickening mascara out there I’ve heard that the L’Oreal paradise one is really good perversion from Too Faced and apparently the Primark won gold a gold one for two pound 50 that’s supposed to be amazing so I might go and get a couple of mascaras and see if I can improve the look of them because whilst they’re certainly long they’re just not looking that thick and full I mean they’re great ones have got a few coats of mascara on but without that you don’t even really notice them so that’s gonna be my final assessment of the Nano lash for my experience it’s worked in terms have given me longer lashes particularly these ones are crazy long but there’s no shadow of a doubt that it’s worked but they’re just not giving me the thicker fuller look that I was expecting so I think it’s worth the money if you buy the pack of three it’s 90 pounds four pack of three but you’re not having to pay the extra ten pound per stitch and it works out cheapest you could if you’ve got friends that you can go in on with it makes it a lot cheaper so yeah I do definitely give nano lash a thumbs up it works but maybe it didn’t quite meet the expectations that I had from some of the things that I’ve seen online about it maybe everyone has a different experience maybe it depends on your your hair follicles or your hormones I don’t know anyway that’s it so that’s my assessment of nano lash yes it works in terms of lymph Ihnen but not really giving me the fullness and the thickness overall I think one tube of nano lash it’s gonna last you a long time it’s gonna last you mumps or mumps so it’s not too bad a price point is worth a risk in my opinion you’ll have a great day everybody so you thought that was it did you so did I I decided to do a few more coats all from the mascara so I’ll show you what that one is it’s benefit they’re real and look what’s happened they’ve gone a bit bloody crazy so kind of they were all clumping together I mean they some people might really like this look I’m not sure I would rather it look like I’ve got more lashes and they weren’t so in-your-face you know like it’s not very natural look because they are kind of all clumping a little bit together and looking a bit spidery but it kind of looks good like it’s Saturday night and going out so you know yeah it’s all right but yeah I just thought I’d show you that’s what they look like a couple of more coats of the mascara I painted them that way as well as it that way so that tended to be that seemed to be the reason why they’ve kind of gone a bit clumpy anyway that’s all Cheers bye

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