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Airplanes Edit. Planes, or 'flyers', primarily use aerofoils to achieve high altitudes, high speeds and high maneuverability. These are typically low armored to reduce weight and rely on agility to stay safe.

Robocraft BUILD Beginner Aircraft/Flyer

So I thought I'd make an entry level flyer, keeping to the lowest RR and CPU possible. Hopefully for you budding new pilots you might see how the process of building one works.

Best movement for each weapon : Robocraft - reddit

Best movement for each weapon (self.Robocraft) submitted 3 years ago by JabbaJubba What types of movements is best for each type of weapon and are wheels any good, as last time I played (1 year and a couple of months ago), wheels were really good but apparently they suck now.

Robocraft best flyer ever

Hi if you want to download this robot in the factory just look up my name. I come close to death a lot but I dont die very much!!! l:ul and sorry if the game...

Aerostatic Nano-Medic Flyer 3.0 - Robocraft Garage

Similar to the Aerostatic Plasma Flyer 3.0, but with medic guns instead of plasma launcher guns. The result: -Best medic bot ever.-Highly invincible thanks to its small chassis design & aerostatic movement.

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