I wanted to try a THC free CBD to see if it’d help with my anxiety. It helped with that and so much more.
all right I have essential tremors
that’s what they call them my hands and
my legs my feet they shake just no
matter what I do now I recently started
taking or vaping I guess the CBD oils
and I’ll show you the effects of that
after a one all right
this is my vape pen and my beautiful CBD
oil no THC concentrate max strength I’m
now going to show you my hand now after
I’ve been taking my are vacant right
here we go
you see it a little bit just a little
but not as much as it was used I’m not
I’m not able to hold a fist and then it
says I’ll let go my fingers would be
shaking really badly and they’re not
doing that so apologize for the Ashley
I got a baby damn it I washed my hands a
lot Guinea alone but yeah I haven’t
taken any in a little bit think about in
an hour – so I need to do it again
because you know it doesn’t stay in your
system forever so you got to kind of
keep keep vaping but I definitely
suggest this special for anxiety
I do take anxiety medication and
sometimes I’ll wake up with a panic
attack because my medicine is going off
it’s time to take another dose and so I
decided to vape with the CBD oil to see
how it would work and it did pretty good
it did very good
so having exactly issues you know so I’m
gonna need this probably for life like
asks a long time the oils itself so it’s
definitely worth the 50 bucks that I
paid for and it’s 90 dollars online so
but all right anybody else has anxiety
issues depression tremors anything I
definitely suggest this have a great day

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