My Legs and CBD Oil – does cannabidiol work?

After my hysterectomy surgery I developed a terrible urge to keep moving my legs while sleeping; actually keeping me awake at nights. VERY frustrating and exhausting. Realizing it must be RLS I needed some help dealing with it. So I’m using CBD oil and would love your input on RLS and CBD and your general experience. Thank you for watching, hope you consider subscribing or even sharing this video with someone who might also enjoy it. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rachelrinserepeat/ email: rachelrinserepeat@gmail.com #Cannabidiol #RLS #CBDoil
okay we are back with the second video
today I figured I’d break it up because
this is totally different than my follow
up video on the hysterectomy which I’m
hoping is the last one concerning that
anyway so I was mentioning that I had a
complication after the surgery and by
complication I mean just something new
at first I thought well maybe it’s just
because of the edema I had and things
are just kind of having to go back to
take some time but I wasn’t able to
sleep I was having a terrible time
trying to sleep my legs
we’re driving me crazy they weren’t in
pain and it was just this weird weird
weird feeling like an achy constantly
having to move them around and
everything and I was just keeping me
awake I’m a light sleeper
under normal circumstances so this was
just driving me nuts drive me crazy so I
went when I went to the doctor for my
follow-up appointment I told her what
was going on with that and like I was
thinking it probably was was restless
leg syndrome and after talking to some
people about it I can’t believe how many
have it it’s insane especially just in
my people I know and my mom has it and
her friend has it some of my friends
have it and didn’t realize it until I
started discussing it with them that
they all have this and there’s really
nothing you can do about it there’s all
kinds of things you can try to help make
it better there’s different reasons why
people have it
from what I’ve been reading it can be
hereditary it can have to do with your
lifestyle you’ve much you exercise or
what you’re eating even to the shape of
your your spine I guess if there’s
compression there the nerves and stuff
that can also have some influence on
this some people can go to a
chiropractor and notice that the
symptoms have been alleviated quite a
bit so I guess it depends what the cause
is for you and I guess after surgery and
it’s quite common to have it as well
abdominal anyways I don’t know about any
other surgeries and it looks like one in
ten people have it I don’t know if
that’s just women or if it’s men and
women so then I you know I mentioned
that a doctor is like okay what are we
gonna do about it so first thing of
course a prescription if she want me to
try maybe some kind of sleeping pill or
something like that mm-hmm
not gonna happen if I can avoid a script
I do so I said no I’d rather not go that
route we can go around some other way so
she mentioned the CBD oil boom okay I’ll
go for that pans down let’s try that so
she had some in their office so I got a
bottle and it’s evil roots there’s not
much information I’ve looked them up
online there’s not a whole lot I guess
they’re located in Florida and it’s this
little bottle here
and this one’s just a 10 ml bottle and
it’s 500 milligram strength so and it’s
the like a dark catch trying to climb
somewhere it was a very great Oh anyway
this one is like a dark green color very
opaque and the taste is nothing is very
earthy so I put it under the tongue
about five drops under the tongue and
leave it there for about a minute and
then I swallow then after that I use a
tic-tac they say you can use honey or
something sweet to kind of wash the
flavor up I just have a tic-tac after it
seems to work okay so I’m only doing the
five drops the minimum that was
suggested to give it a try the first
three nights within about 20 minutes I
fell asleep I was tired I just totally
relaxed me and I slept wonderful the leg
problem did not show up now I’ve only
been doing this for what’s today so
about five six days so not a whole lot
to go on but the last couple nights it’s
been very broken up still a lot better
than not having to see me do it
CBD oil however it’s like I sleep an
hour and then the legs wake me up and
there may be bothered me for another
excuse me and then I can fall asleep for
you know it’s just like an hour on an
hour off and I’m going back and forth so
at least I’m still getting some sleep
opposed to no sleep before that so I
don’t know if I have to up the dosage
perhaps I have to try another brand I
don’t know what those brands like from
what I’ve been reading
the color of mine is probably the least
desirable or least effective maybe I
don’t know how you would put that from
what I’ve been reading anyway it’s the
least processed but the one that’s more
process seems to be the better one so
then it goes in there’s another colored
of CBD oil that’s like a golden brown
more brown but transparent and then the
other one is more of a gold transparent
nice clear color and that was supposed
to be the best but it’s I guess I’m just
gonna have to try different ones to see
what I like more now because I’m only
doing the five drops on this one so I’m
gonna try upping it but you know it’s
expensive so if I can get a better
quality oil and not have to take as much
I’d rather go that route so I’ll have to
shop around so if any of you guys are
taking CBD oil and there’s one that
you’re really enjoying put it down in
the comments and I’ll check it out and
you know and what’s been your experience
if you’re taken to CBD CBD oil what has
it done for you and why are you taking
it so this restless leg thing I’ve
always heard of it I never really paid
attention to what it was all about but
wow what a game-changer so I’m hoping
this is temporary and it’s just because
of the surgery and then hopefully with
all the nerves and everything kind of
healing I’m hoping things go back to
normal but it might not
just gotta live with that yes it’s not
painful it just keeps you awake it’s
shaky I hear it described as skin
pulling and tingly or whatever I don’t
find I get that kind of description it’s
just very a key that I have no choice
but to move my legs
so that’s about it actually I’ll I’ll
open this so you can see I don’t like
this bottle I have a hard time opening
it you press it down oh my goodness you
can see how dark it is get you in there
very dark
very strong smelling very strong so
that’s my update there on the leg issue
that’s it so I would really really
appreciate any info you have are on
restless leg syndrome or the CBD oil I’m
in Florida by the way if that means
and I’ll shop around because I don’t
want to run out of this I still think I
still think it’s doing me a lot of good
because I am getting some sleep at least
and I guess it’s a two-fold effect
because I’m such a life slip sleeper it
takes me an hour to fall asleep
sometimes two hours under normal
circumstances because I’ve got a my
brains just all over the place I’m
constantly thinking it just keeps me
awake you said 20 minutes half an hour
I am so relaxed I have to shut off the
TV and just go to sleep so it’s helping
me that way for sure so just that alone
is helpful and it’s supposed to have all
kinds of other benefits as well for
inflammation and stuff so can’t lose the
only thing I don’t know about CBD oil
may I haven’t come across any articles
yet and I’m still researching things I
haven’t read anything and hopefully
somebody knows now do you develop a
tolerance to this do you have to keep
upping your strength just to make it
work like anything else you know that’s
something I’m quite interested in
knowing because that too is a game
changer if you have to keep taking it
stronger and stronger stronger that can
get very expensive so food for thought
all right everybody till the next video
talk to you later bye

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