I found the Depersonalization/Derealization cure?! *Not Clickbait* 2019/2020 (CBD Oil)

Hey guys I hope you found this video informative and you can take away something from it! Please leave comments or questions down below! Negative comments will be deleted so dont even try it. The link to where I got my 10mg CBD oil capsules —} https://pluscbdoil.com Remember guys, its not a matter of IF you get over it, its a matter of WHEN you will get over it. If you do the best at improving yourself and your life, DP/DR will be absolutely eliminated. I wish y’all the best!!!
hey guys today I want to come at you
with a new video about depersonalization
and derealization and just give you like
an update about where I’ve been the past
couple months with it because I made one
video about two months ago and I feel
like I should update you guys because
you guys left a lot of like good
comments on that video and stuff and I
was like answering to a lot if you
haven’t seen that video just like look
at my channel like go back and watch it
real quick and then come back here
because I explained like how I started
getting depersonalization do you
realization I explained what I’m doing
they like get rid of it and stuff like
that but I was passed like two months
ever since I made that video I was like
growing a lot as a person I’m growing a
lot of like I’ve gained a lot of
knowledge on like how to deal with it
and how like basically to overcome it
like on that video I said I was
overcoming it and now I feel like I’ve
gone to a point where I’m sort of just
like too good for it now you know I mean
I’ll get into it so this is a month 3 of
having depersonalization I think because
I got a March March first like that’s
the first day I noticed it so March
April May June wait March April May June
for months whatever 3 wants something
like that anyway so um basically the
update is is that the depersonalization
and derealization a pretty much
day-to-day isn’t a thing in my life um I
still have moments of feeling like
deeper slides and do you realize and
stuff like that but it’s not anywhere
near as like intense as it used to be
when it was day in and day out and the
reason it’s not as intense as it used to
be is because I realized that I am in
like I own my destiny like I am in
charge of myself you know I mean you
have to take back the control that
depersonalization has over you
and I know it seems like if you’re going
through depersonalization gee
realization I know it seems like you
like you’re never going to get out of it
and you’re you never are going to learn
how to like live with it or you’re never
going to like it’s never going to get
better like I know exactly what you’re
feeling and it like truly does get
better because I thought that like I
could not live with it every single day
day in day out so I basically just had
to convince myself that I had power over
it and so what one of the way they did
that is that I trust I start allowing
myself to trust my subconscious mind so
when you’re depersonalized you really
don’t feel like you’re there right so
you’ll be doing a task and then you’ll
think oh like did I even do that like am
I even doing that task did I actually do
that task like you feel like separated
from it right that’s how I feel with
driving so I’ll be driving somewhere and
I’ll be like I don’t remember driving by
that road I don’t remember doing
whatever it’s like you have to I learn
that you have to trust your subconscious
mind because you’re not going to crash
like you’re not gonna you know like
you’re going to execute that task
perfectly your memory about that task
will just be like a little bit foggy if
you have depersonalization if you have
the symptom that’s because like your
subconscious and conscious or just like
split you know um because of trauma or
whatever so what you have to do is you
have to trust your subconscious because
just because we’re not connecting
doesn’t mean that it’s not fully working
because it is because you’re not going
and saying you’re not doing any of that
so you have to really trust your
subconscious and then it will start
reconnecting and once you trust your
subconscious and allow yourself to not
have to fear the gap between like
subconscious and conscious it honestly
closes because woodsy personalization
like preys on as it preys on your fears
and it preys on your fears of you going
insane it preys on your fears of you
dying are you having health problems or
whatever because once I had
depersonalization I started having like
hypochondria and anxiety about my health
like all I could feel I’ll feel like in
the back of my head or something and
I’ll feel a bump and I’ll be like it’s a
tumor like gotta go I got to go to the
doctor like it’s just the dumbest shit
because you’re so like anxiety
you written about everything in your
mind has to like find somewhere like
fueled anxiety too so that’s that’s how
people end up with like problems like
social anxiety and stuff like that is
because your mind or like fear of
heights or like fear of spiders or
whatever like your mind find something
to watch onto into fuel and funnel
anxiety from your stress from daily life
into so you can like live like you can
cope with it and so like one of mine
like the anxiety that I like found from
like – depersonalization or I got from
depersonalization I fueled it into
anxiety about my health and once you
like realize all this and once you like
realize the psychology behind all of it
like it’s a lot easier to work out in
your head because I can say that like
for myself I’m a lot better off than I
was four months ago now I’m not like
completely like into it really
completely back or whatever but like on
like I don’t think I’ll ever like I’m a
changed person from this experience so
it’s not something that you just get
over in a day or it’s not something that
you just did you not something you just
shake off you know II mean like you can
shake it off but it takes time and the
time is really something that you have
to turn into a positive and something
that you have to take ownership and
control of or else it’ll take ownership
and control of you and then it’ll last
and so that’s honestly like the biggest
thing for about depersonalization and my
experience and I’ve also read other
people’s comments about how they like
how they’ve gone out of it and stuff
like that and some people do it like a
chemical imbalance where they have to
get like antidepressants or whatever
it’s like really I heard like this one
person they said on a youtube comment
that they didn’t know that like they
just took her got which one it was but
they took an antidepressant their doctor
prescribed in that and he snapped out of
it in the next like 2 or 3 days and from
then on he was normal now
take that with a grain of salt because
that’s probably not going to happen
that’s probably not going to be your
experience but yet again your experience
is what you make out of it and if you
want to really get over it you have to
big changes and big perception shifts in
your life and it’s nothing that you
can’t do and it’s nothing that will it’s
something that will make your life force
you will be a better person because of
it but another thing I wanted to talk
about is I also there’s no really like
true medication to get over
depersonalization do you realization
other than like some anxiety medications
and antidepressants and like benzos like
xanax and stuff like that
but I didn’t really want to go on any
medication because I figured that my
depersonalization was from an experience
I had not really a chemical imbalance
and I never had like anxiety or anything
before this so um I was like researching
and stuff and I found this girl I forgot
her name but I really hope she watches
this video because she’s Bates CBD oil
she says she made like 10 milligrams a
day and CBD oil is basically like CBD
and THC are the two compounds in
marijuana or the two biggest one and a
THC is the component gets you high that
gets the psychoactive component of
marijuana CBD is just the compound that
is like mostly known for the medical
benefits of marijuana and so on you can
buy CBD it’s derived from like the hemp
link plant and CBD oil is legal in all
50 states and I’m pretty sure it’s legal
all over the world honestly like in the
Western world at least and I got my CBD
oil from I think it’s
it’s like it’s this brand right here I
brought it along its CBD plus oil plus I
don’t know if this is backwards I’m
sorry if it is I am on 15 milligrams of
CBD per serving so I do their little
castle will show you I do I take one of
these a day if I need it grants I don’t
need it every single day I don’t need
them and they do it like just soft gel
capsules whatever I don’t need them
every single day most days honestly I do
take one because I find that it helps me
for not forget but I helped me with the
obsessive thought process of deep that
you get when you’re in depersonalization
and it helps me feel more real and so
CBD oil is definitely a good this is a
supplement by the way it’s not it’s not
you don’t need a prescription for you
can just buy it online and it is kind of
expensive like I started out with the
same brand but I started out with 10
milligrams of CBD per serving and there
was 30 capsules that came with it and
that was $30 online but now I bought
this one from like a local
it’s called Chamberlain’s I bought it
from a local like the vitamin shop or
whatever and this was like 56 but this
has 60 tablets and it’s 15 milligrams a
day and you have to find your like own
dosage like I would sort out at 10
milligrams a day if you’re considering
buying this and it does help it that you
can research online like it has
anti-anxiety anti-inflammatory
anti-people I call this other stuff is
really helpful and day-to-day it really
helps a lot if you’re trying to get over
depersonalization tea realization so I
would definitely recommend looking into
that if you want to if you don’t want to
get on medication where you still want
something to take that like actually
helps because this actually helps like
this is also like the other half of the
equation that I think has made me like
get over it quicker so um you know I’m
not like sponsored by them or anything
like I just I’m like telling you guys
what I really want to help you
yeah but other than that if you have any
comments about here you want to ask a
question about depersonalization ji
realization the comfortable answer it to
the best of my ability
other than that go subscribe for more
videos because I will make more videos
this video was actually spawned by or
someone motivated me in the comments to
make it because I had a lot to say or I
realized I had a lot to say and I really
didn’t need to get your head you guys an
update but yeah so I guess I’ll see you
guys later bye

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