Psoriasis CBD Oil Treatment – Is this what really helped?

Not sure if it’s UVB light or CBD oil treatment or both that helped, but time to focus fully on CBD. My online diary: 2018-09-28: Things are getting bad https://youtu.be/B3c5vCdJedE 2018-10-20: Worst outbreak I’ve ever had https://youtu.be/oTrlPpR-Wps 2018-10-24: Naturopath meeting https://youtu.be/QXsEEJXMrE8 2018-11-12: Following the allergy report, almost daily oat/salt bath Face redness mostly went away – 2018-11-16: Started light therapy with Dermatologist 2018-12-04: Face redness mostly gone. Been going to light therapy every mon/wed/fri, skin cleared up quite a bit. Mainly hairlines effects still and maybe another 5-10% everywhere else left along with white faded spots on the rest of the back and shoulders. https://youtu.be/IrQcJGcopiw 2018-12-13: Most of the psoriasis is faded away, mostly just red dots that were there but clearly faded and healing. Nothing as flaky as it was. Face isn’t red as it was (expect for videos/photos as the camera picks it up somehow). Still going 2-3 times a week to the UVB light treatment. No creams really used, introduced chocolate back. https://youtu.be/Mcqxa7u0SVc 2018-12-20: Started going to the UVB light treatment on Tue/Fri only, still maintaining the diet. Eating limited chocolate. Face and behind the ears seems clear, back is fully clear, butt and back of legs have some faded red spots that are healing. 2018-12-27: Not much changed. No light therapy for over a week (closed because of holidays). https://youtu.be/nESoNimgDLI 2019-01-06: Most of the psoriasis is gone, just little bits here and there left. Slacking off on going to the light therapy but trying to get 1-2 sessions per week at the minimum. Introduced chocolate back. It does seem to make my stomach make noises but i don’t find it effecting my psoriasis 2019-01-18: Adjusted to Alkaline water once again. Really slacking off on going to the light therapy.. possibly because everything is clear for the most part. Might consider introducing dairy back. 2019-02-03: Went maybe once to the light therapy due to time commitment issues. Cutting out chocolate again as area above the nose seems to get flaky but the rest of the body is great 2019-02-25: Around nose area redness, a bit of spots on elbows again. Went to light therapy maybe twice in 3 weeks. Started CBD oil again as I think that helps
what’s going on guys welcome back to the
vlog my name is Dan Bragg and today
we’re gonna be talking about my update
about my psoriasis journey now in the
past two weeks or so I’ve been trying to
go to the light therapy as I’ve been
always doing and it’s obviously a lot
harder to do because of a distance
because of time constraints and so on
plus I have a puppy as you saw the last
video solo a lot of things in life are
happening and to spend 45 minutes to go
to light therapy takes a lot of my time
and I just simply don’t have it so I
tried to go once a week and sometimes
you know you give back from the gym and
you’re just trying to find a time to go
there but just like you’re trying to fit
their schedules to because they close at
certain times it’s just really hard to
do so regardless I’ve been going for
about two weeks or so after I’ve stopped
for a while and I kind of got the forms
like you know is it is it working I know
it’s not enough time at all but I also
started to think what was the thing that
I’ve done before that actually worked
and unfortunately because of them I’ve
done quite a few things I couldn’t point
out which one was the cause for things
getting better now I’ll try to list all
the things that I’ve gone from top of my
head obviously they like to repeat I’ve
done the CBD oil so I’ll drop it under
my tongue wait 30 seconds wallet and
I’ve done still doing a clean diet
absolutely no processed food try to stay
away from sugar dairy red meat and
pretty much live a healthy healthy
lifestyle right I have a puppy too my
life to reduce the stress literally
removed a lot of clients that I’ve used
to deal with they’re just a pain in the
butt essentially and I even increase my
rates so everything from business side
everything’s great stress is really
really really released so I’m just at
this point I’m like one of those things
or all of those things worked which one
was it
so when I went to my dermatologist she
was like okay well let’s try one thing
at a time
now I did tell her of course I read
online and of course I get suggestions
from you guys I read whatever you post
in the comments and she was like well
look you can obviously go by those
suggestions you
read online but there’s no backup no
studies to prove them right and because
she never heard of them or other
dermatologists never heard of them
the this doesn’t mean that those are
things they’ll actually help but that
being said she goes you know what I
don’t remember the exact words she used
but she goes if it works then keep doing
it obviously but at the moment the light
Sharpie is what seemed to help so it’s
continuing so I did that but I also told
her well look I think it might be the
CBD oil as well and she goes I can’t
recommend that obviously because it’s
not in her practice she and we’re not at
the point yet that in Canada here that
medical specialists can recommend those
things it is legal but they can just
recommend and say it helps because
there’s no backup evidence of that yet
but that being said of course anything
to do with cannabis or CBD everyone
knows how much it helps people in
different diseases different stages that
they go through and I was like well why
shouldn’t helps Rises as well so I’ve
started as a literally before I did this
video I started doing CBD again I’m
gonna see I’m gonna actually switch
around the light therapy for CBD I’m
gonna go for the next two three weeks
maybe even a month doing the CBD dropped
twice a day every single day obviously
you continue to be clean but then if I
start noticing that everything gone is
gone completely like my face is cleared
up 100% my elbows are cleaned up a
hundred percent then I know that it was
CBD because I wouldn’t be going to light
therapy at all if I managed to go once
or twice during that month or so to
light therapy great that just a bonus
but I doubt I will cuz now I’m committed
to the CBD guys I do want to know what
is that that you are working on what are
you trying in the comments if you can
tell me what you think about my idea
here what do you think about CBD have
you tried it if you’ve done light
therapy it has it work for you as a nut
work for you I want to know all those
things because every time I read your
comments it adds a little bit of
creativity as to what I can try next it
adds something that I can experiment
with and obviously if I see that you say
something is not working for you and
what I avoid doing it completely right
so will save time and the videos will be
more refined every time
I hope this video helped if it did like
share and hit the subscribe button and
I’ll see you guys in the next video

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