Announcing Young Living CBD Oil

Young Living announced they will be providing us with essential oil-infused CBD Oil from Organic (non-THC) hemp starting in 2019! Here I explain all.the.things including: what is CBD oil? CBD vs THC / Hemp vs Marijuana, the history of hemp and CBD, how YL CBD Oil will be different (read: awesomer.) SEE THE NEW PRODUCTS HERE: YOUNG LIVING CBD UNBOXING https://youtu.be/SVpap4sKiY4 Young Living has acquired Nature’s Ultra (organic hemp farm producing THC-free CBD) you can link your YL and NA accounts so your CBD purchases count toward your YL account purchases ?? -Join My Team: http://tinyurl.com/illistyleoils (Member #2257778) -Previous Video: https://youtu.be/aeF7uigdWZg -Instagram – http://www.instagram.com/illistyle Thank you so much for watching and for all your continued support. I am so grateful to each and every one of you for watching, commenting, and being an amazing community. *love you guys* The information in this video is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or illness.
hey everybody I’m April this is Elise
style the channel where I teach you all
about Young Living Essential Oils and
today we’re going to be talking about a
product that Young Living has not come
out with yet it is called CBD oil hey
guys welcome to the channel normally I
start with like a box and I’m pulling
product out I’m telling you how I use it
and how much I love it and or you know
whatever but actually today we’re gonna
be talking about a product that Young
Living does not have yet we will be
seeing it in 2019 from them so um we’re
gonna be talking about CBD oil but
before we talk about that let’s talk
about some things that I think need to
be addressed let’s talk about hemp
versus marijuana let’s talk about CBD
versus THC let’s talk a little bit about
the history and uses and things like
that okay so if you’re ready to nerd out
with me this is the channel for you
alright so a CBD oil
what is CBD oil CBD oil is oil derived
from him okay Young Living CBD oil will
be organic hemp that then we derived the
the CBD from so let’s talk about let’s
talk about cannabis and hemp in
marijuana because those are words that
we hear and a lot of people I think
think they’re exactly the same thing so
cannabis is like the umbrella term okay
it’s like the overarching family of the
plants and then you have him and you
have marijuana and they are not the same
plant okay they look similar and
everything they’re in the same plant
family but they’re not the same plant so
you’ve got cannabis and you’ve got him
and you’ve got marijuana now the main
constituent of him is going to be C B
that’s canna been like stink at
pronouncing things I apologize canna
Biddy all can a vide all and I may be
saying that I go quickly because I
usually do canna Biddy all is CVD oil
and then over here we have marijuana
same cannabis family different plant
marijuana has the main constituent is
THC I will try to pronounce this for you
it is tetra hydro canna bin all
tetrahydrocannabinol THC is in marijuana
in him we have CBD okay CBD is legal in
all 50 US states marijuana is legal in
30 US states okay
different they’re different things so
recently the fda approved CBD like as a
drug called at the dole x Epidaurus for
treatment of to specific epileptic
orders and so what does that say that
says that that people are taking notice
that CBD can help with specific things
so these specific synthesized drugs that
were created are to help these seizure
now I’m going okay wait where did they
get the idea to use CBD for that well
that’s because CBD has been used like
around the world for a long time to help
people with different things
it’s got antidepressant properties
anti-anxiety properties and there are
protective properties alright so um it’s
used oftentimes in the management and
treatment of like chronic pain PTSD
anxiety issues depression type 1 and 2
diabetes seizures brain trauma and even
for help
with the side effects of chemotherapy
okay so how does CBD oil even help like
how does it work so let’s let
speak out together for a minute and
toxin chemistry and biology okay CBD
actually binds to the specific receptors
in our brain it’s like the information
pathways of our brain it’s like our
brain talking to our brain okay and then
our brain talking to our body these are
these information pathways and so the
CVD oil actually binds to those and
helps with the communication there so
what are some things the neural
protective effects brain neural brain
protection there’s actually been studies
done where CVD helped hinder the
development of Alzheimer’s symptoms
which Alzheimer’s is literally the
breaking down of the brain it’s the
degradation of our brain so CVD has
actually been shown to stop the
degradation the breaking down of the
brain in Alzheimer’s patients imagine
what it can do on a proactive level for
healthy people who have healthy brains
imagine that that’s amazing to me all
also there’s analgesic effects like pain
killing effects from CBD so it’s proven
itself useful especially for chronic
pain sufferers because it inhibits the
neural transmission that would cause
what’s called analgesic tolerance so if
you guys have ever heard of people
getting addicted to painkillers and they
need a higher and higher and higher and
higher and higher dose in order to feel
the same effects they used to fuel down
here that’s because their brains are
going okay I need a that little bit
isn’t doing it anymore
it’s called analgesic tolerance they
build up a tolerance to it a higher
tolerance and then they use mourn and
they build a higher tolerance and that’s
how people get super addicted to
painkillers but CBD has not been shown
to have any analgesic tolerance meaning
it can be really good for chronic pain
sufferers because their bodies won’t
require more and more and more over time
there’s not those addictive properties
that you would find with with actual
like street drugs right or even
pharmaceutical drugs that we have
the market today so um CVD can can
really be beneficial for chronic pain
sufferers also CVD has been shown to
have an antitumoral effect and that’s a
big deal guys um studies have shown that
high doses of CVD has no toxic effect on
humans but that with patients with
related tumor conditions um that it can
be extremely amazing for its antitumoral
properties cancer patients this is like
I mean breast cancer lung cancer any
tumor or cancer this is this is a gate
this can be a game-changer for you right
on a more like maintenance basis CBD oil
has proven very effective on anxiety and
depression so it has been shown to
reduce anxiety and patients there was a
study done with CBD oil and placebo oil
and the CBD it given to patients and I
want to make sure I’m gonna read this so
I make sure that I get it totally
correct I don’t I love to give you guys
like the best information but like
accurate information from the studying
that I have done a 2011 study the test
was administered to 24 patients with
social anxiety disorders so an hour and
a half before the test the patients were
even either given CBD or they were given
a placebo and it was found that the
anxiety the cognitive impairment and the
discomfort of the patients with the CBD
was significantly reduced compared to
the placebo group so the patients who
actually ingested the CBD found that
their anxiety that their cognitive
ability and that their discomfort all
improved right they were more
comfortable like more cognitively able
to function their cognitive function was
higher and their anxiety was lower the
so for for a study of this like this
obviously more study needs to be done 24
patients is not a large amount
sample size but it does lead us to
believe that there definitely could be
some really positive effects there now
many people will claim of their own that
yes this is what CVD does for me so this
is just a small test that was
administered to see if that potentially
could be the case and they are seeing
really positive test effects in that way
so CBD also affects our serotonin system
your serotonin system is actually what
helps regulate your metabolism right
your cortisol levels of cortisol is out
stress hormone that causes weight gain
right so it helps regulate your
metabolism your reactions to stress so
that’s the serotonin system also your
social behavior this is what we’re
talking about those anti-anxiety effects
right those antidepressant effects your
mood your cognition your appetite like
these are all very positive things to be
regulated and to help your body regulate
because CBD actually targets the
serotonin receptor that a one receptor
it it can help with all of those things
so a lot of people have said to me April
why is Young Living getting in the CBD
game right like what is going on there
well as of December 20th 2019 CBD oil is
now given the a-ok the agricultural
Improvement Act was signed December 20th
of 2019 so hemp was actually removed
from the Controlled Substances Act of
1970 which means it’s no longer an
illegal substance under federal law now
it’s going to be over overseen by the
FDA the Food and Drug Administration so
you may be going wait a minute why was
it illegal in the first place I’m glad
you asked my history buffs take a tour
with me let’s go way way back so
researchers believe that hemp might have
actually been one of the earliest plants
cultivated by man traces of him
found it like a specific Japanese
archaeological site that’s over like
8,000 years old all right it is believed
that humans started like actual
agriculture ten thousand years ago so
this could have been one of the first
right plants that man
cultivated hello very cool but more than
that hip traditionally over the
centuries over the millennia have been
used up has been used for things like
rope guess what guys Christopher
Columbus on his ship his ropes were made
of hemp because hemp made it all the way
through it’s very prolific in the
northern hemisphere it was very prolific
in the northern hemisphere growing
wildly so it was use rope clothing paper
guys the Gutenberg Bibles printed on him
early draft of the American Declaration
of Independence printed or written on
him the final draft was on parchment but
the early drafts were written on him
also it is believed that the first u.s.
flag was hand sewn with him and you
Betsy so obviously it has like a very
long history and in the Americas in the
USA it has a really long history him was
grown throughout the USA like
commercially right as a cash crop and
and actually King George required the
colonists to grow it and then taxed him
on it in order to support the crown but
at least seven different US presidents
grew hemp as a cash crop now him also
grew wild here in the US in Jamestown
hemp was growing wild and there’s
reports that like Native Americans were
already cultivating hemp here in the
United States when colonists arrived um
also it’s been used over the years
medicinally as farm feed in textiles
right all those things that I already
mentioned for so long livestock cows
chickens pay
were grazing on him wild growing him and
it was part therefore of the standard us
diet right because all the animals were
eating it and then our we’re getting it
in our eggs and in our chicken and all
that and so the benefits are all
affecting our body so April get back to
the elite illegal ization what’s going
on there 1937 the marihuana Tax Act
happened which taxed anybody who was
growing any kind of cannabis hemp or
marijuana why conspiracy theorists take
note that the passing of the Act – is
believed that it was literally just to
destroy the hemp industry there’s
speculation that Andrew Mellon Randolph
Hearst which you guys might be familiar
with he was a newspaper printer and the
DuPont family and if you’re going wait I
know the name DuPont plastics
and nylon that they were all behind this
marijuana Tax Act in order to destroy
the hemp industry so that trees could
continue to be used for paper
thank you newspapers and the newspaper
manufacturers that had huge stock in
forests and the forestry industry and
also the plastics and nylon industry
which was very up-and-coming in the
1930s so conspiracy theorists go to town
on that one I don’t know the truth of
that but it follow the money right ok so
we go from hemp growing wild hemp being
used by our presidents seven different
presidents growing him him being used
commercially right like all of this –
there’s a huge tax on it well then
according to reports not only that the
tax was was actually really opposed by
doctors and pharmacists who then
obviously they’re being taxed on it
they’re like whoa whoa whoa whoa CBD
hemp is really helpful for our patients
it’s not it could add rug and it’s not
addicting why are we doing this right
and so they really opposed it it’s still
passed well then in 1970 that marihuana
taxation Act was actually just adopted
into the Controlled Substances Act so
him marijuana were we’re always kind of
lumped together and they just got put
right in the controlled substance act
and guess what it made him on par with
heroin and ecstasy as far as being a
schedule 1 controlled substance so you
in the u.s. we we couldn’t touch it we
couldn’t do anything right well it was
the ban was lifted for final product so
you could import final products of hemp
like clothing and things of that nature
but you couldn’t be the producer because
that was a schedule 1 controlled
substance so I mean I asked my husband
if this would lend me any credibility in
this situation at which one he said no
but I thought it timely to mention that
April’s always been a pretty big
supporter of him because this is my
actual purse and wallet that I used as a
teenager god I feel old right now this
is 20 years old um I bought this when I
was 14 I remember where I was and who I
was with I was in ninth grade and I
bought this hemp purse made in Nepal and
a hemp wallet and I carried this
literally it held up so well I carry
this from ninth grade through sophomore
year of college like until I got married
I carried this for literally like what
is that like five six years like six
years I carried this in a hell
so nicely quite honestly really really
well-made product look at that
it gets got this little hemp rope
connector right here that this is all
woven him on the the actual back it’s
lined with cotton but um this baby has
held up it’s a little crossbody satchel
do you know what it was the perfect size
for holding when I turn it when I was 17
I became a Christian and I got a Bible
this is the perfect size from my Bible
no joke and I felt like so so super
blessed I was like obviously this is
meant to be this Bibles from the Lord
because it fits perfectly in my hip bag
I have made two international moves
and literally have almost nothing for my
teenage years quite honestly like very
few things no clothing at all which
really do I want clothing from the 90s
but I did keep this I have kept this for
years and years and years lending a
little credence to my hemp history here
but ok so you couldn’t grow hemp and you
could not sell Hampton you could not do
anything with him in the United States
um fast forward 50 years 2019 the
president signs V what is it Colin I
make sure I use the right term
agricultural Improvement Act it is no
longer illegal to grow and sell and
produce hemp products yay so people have
said why is why is wild getting into
this game we have been waiting for this
to happen
as an international company as a right
as a company that provides product to
all 50 states we wanted to make sure
that everybody in the US could have
access to this now um people have also
said mmm April why are what’s going on
here is
like you I want you guys to know that
for me personally I have done research
on CVD for years and I never pulled the
trigger and here is why you guys know
this sourcing is so big for me trusting
that what I’m paying for is what I’m
getting is such a big deal to me and
that’s why I chose to join Young Living
when I got into essential oils because
there were so many essential oil
companies on the market I was buying my
essential oils from Whole Foods and when
I found out how unregulated that
industry was I was like wait a minute so
you’re saying when I buy my oils from
Whole Foods that say pure it only has to
be like 5% essential oil and the rest
can all be chemical synthetics and it
still says pure yeah that blew my mind
like how could producers do that well
because it’s a really unregulated
industry and CBD oil is very similar
there’s so many companies springing up
producing and in having CBD oil but I
have no assurance of the sourcing I
don’t know if it was really truly drone
organically if that workers were paid a
fair wage if there’s pesticides like you
don’t really know right young living
with our seed to seal promise always
consistently over and over again they
put everything they’re named behind the
behind the production of their products
from planting the seed all the way until
sealing that bottle Young Living says
look we’re gonna do everything we can to
make sure to bring the highest quality
product to the market so Young Living is
going ok here we go this is how we do
this this is how we bring our people the
best quality oil is that we make sure
that we’re taking care of the production
the seed of steel standards way above
and beyond the standards of any other
essential oil company this very
unregulated industry CVD very
unregulated industry young livings way
we can provide a really high quality
product the highest quality product for
our people
organic hemp non THC organic hemp
derived CBD oil infused with essential
oils why why would they do that two
reasons one you get the benefit of the
essential oil and we’ve talked so many
times that’s why you’re on this channel
of essential oils and the benefits for
your body in different ways okay but
then too here’s something I found so
interesting and Young Living hasn’t come
out and said this but in my own research
this is what I found and I think that it
is really awesome CBD oil there’s been
studies done the beet oral
bioavailability bioavailability is how
your body can use the product okay
the oral bioavailability of CD oil is
somewhere between like 13 and 19% the
inhalation bioavailability is somewhere
between 11 and 45% with like the mean
that you know the average being 31% so
if oral ingestion the oral
bioavailability of CBD is 13 to 19
percent and we know there have been
studies done that essential oils
increase the bioavailability of products
so all of our supplements are infused
with essential oils because you get the
property of the essential oil that
beneficial property but also it
increases the bioavailability of
whatever that supplement is so Young
Living is going hey cv DOL is an amazing
product our oils are amazing put those
together and it’s exponential the
essential oils actually help the CBD oil
to be more available to your body which
means you use less with a greater
hey yo thank you Young Living so I am
super duper excited like I said I never
pulled the trigger on CBD oil and the
main reason was I didn’t know who to
trust there was never anybody where I
went oh yeah okay you you’re transparent
about your practices your trans
paranoid about how you farm I know where
you’re growing this I know who the
supplier is you know what I mean
nobody does that in essential oils or
CBD Young Living is the only one that’s
doing that you know blooming doing one
that’s going look we’re gonna control
the whole supply process in order to
make sure that there’s no fudging
anywhere because when you you guys know
when you it’s like a game of telephone
right somebody starts it somebody
produces it and then they pass it on and
there’s a ability for it to be corrupted
in that and then the next person doesn’t
know that it’s been corrupted and they
think they’re getting the original pure
product and then the corruption
potentially could continue and so other
essential oil companies other CBD oil
companies can say oh that supplier over
there we didn’t know that they were
doing whatever practice that is
undesirable we’re just not gonna work
with them anymore we’re gonna work over
here with these people now the only they
will never do that to us because they
put their name behind everything they
own the farms or we have partner farms
that work exclusively with us and adhere
to our seed to seal standards which I
set told you are above and beyond the
industry standards like so far above me
beyond so now that there’s finally a
source that I can trust for CBD oil
I am super duper excited and you should
be too
Organic have CVD oil infused with
essential oils this is going to be the
utmost highest-quality CBD oil on the
market and I am so excited so here’s the
deal if you’ve not yet joined Young
Living if you’re like mmm now’s the time
here’s why this is gonna fly this is
just literally gonna fly out of stock if
you weren’t in on this now is the time
to jump in on this a hundred percent
there’s a link below that says join my
team click the link click the link get
your premium starter kit here’s the deal
the essential oils in the premium
starter kit you do want them if you
understand the properties of CB
and how it can help you please
understand that essential oils like
you’re on the same track right there
okay and I can teach you how to utilize
the essential oils for the greatest
health benefit it’s what I do
guys I come in here for free to educate
on the health benefits those essential
oils to everyone because I believe in
them so greatly okay but you do need to
know that my team we have our own
personal Facebook group that is
exclusive to our team where I give even
more crazy in-depth information okay so
what you get here is just scratching the
surface you get so much more when you’re
part of my try so click below where it
says join my team you get to become part
of the tribe April will text you and
then I will let you know Facebook stalk
you and be like join the group oh my
gosh because really there’s so much good
information in there for you honestly
like you need you need to be in there um
and you know like we’ll text and then
I’ll pressure you into like talking to
me on the phone
at which point you’ll reveal to me like
up feels weird because I feel like I
know you I’m like I know and then I’ll
ask you a million questions about your
life to get to know you because I really
like people I mean I say this because
this is how it always happens and
honestly it’s one of my very favorite
things I have friends all over the
country all over the world because of
the sweet youtube channel because of
this community and I am so grateful some
of the nicest human beings that I have
ever met have been people that have
finally gotten on the phone with me and
said I feel like I’m your internet
stalker and I’m like oh don’t feel
weirded out that I’m some lady on
YouTube okay because quite honestly I’m
just a real lady a real lady that kept
her heads bagged from high school and
does nerdy things and it’s all crazy
about the history of the taxation and
legislation of him just a super nerd
um but it was super nerd who wants to be
your friend and wants to help you that
is why I got into essential oils because
I saw how much they helped my family and
I started telling all my friends like
you have to do this this is amazing and
then they saw the benefit and then that
my husband was like baby you want to
tell all the people tell all the people
YouTube is the way to tell all the
people so now I’m here can I tell all
the people um and you’re my people so if
you’ve not yet joined the unliving click
the link join me get your premium
starter kit yes trust me you do want
that yes you do want the defuser it is
pretty magical okay so please trust me
on that
if you’ve trusted me this far to make it
this far into the video trust me on that
and if you’re already a part of Young
Living hey yo what up fam so glad you’re
here if you’re part of a different oil
company that’s something I would love to
quite honestly all the information that
I give is specific to Young Living
Essential Oils I cannot speak to the
purity of any other oil or the uses of
any other oil and I do want to mention
that I am not a doctor or a medical
professional I cannot like you know
prescribe or I’m not a pharmacist that’s
not who I am okay I’m a woman that does
research and I’m like the girl next door
that just wants to bring you the info so
that’s where we’re at um if you’ve
enjoyed this video please give it a
thumbs up if there’s questions that I’ve
left unanswered please leave them below
and I’ll try to answer those if you have
not yet got guys hit subscribe hit the
bell that way you know when April comes
in and chatters about essential
oils and when I go crazy off topic about
stuff because I do all the time um so
that’s that okay
I’m grateful for you guys please let me
know below what you’re excited about
when it comes to CBD do you currently
use CBD what benefits have you seen in
your life or the life of your family
members who use CBD
um if you are thinking about using the
on living CVD why is why what makes you
excited about that and like I said if
you have any questions please leave them
below myself or a part of the community
we’d love to help you out and answer
them thank you guys so much for watching
we’ll see you again soon

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