Giving CBD OIL to our DOG ~ IT’S WORKING.

We’re in San Felipe, Mexico and sharing about how we started giving our dog CBD oil for her auto immune condition which causes her spinal cord to get inflamed. This very simple therapy has greatly increased her quality of life and warms our heart. ———————————————————————– Intro Video Submissions Please introduce yourself, where you’re from (or at right now), your RV (if applicable), your YouTube Channel, and close it with “… and welcome to the vlog!” [Roughly about 10 seconds long] If using your phone make sure to use horizontal or landscape orientation (Hold it sideways!) Upload your video to Google Drive or another cloud based sharing platform and email us the link at opportunityalaska@gmail.com put Intro Video Submission in the title line. Thanks! ———————————————————————– Do you like our Royalty Free Background Music? We get our song tracks from Pond5, click this link and we will get credits for your purchases! Thanks! https://www.pond5.com/?ref=His_Hers_Alaska ———————————————————————–
Well, Buenos dias from San Felipe Mexico
guys! Hope you’re having a great day. It’s
Sunday for us.We just enjoyed a nice
breakfast here at Vintage cafe and crepas..
And… Not bad at all! Pretty darn good!…So here’s the interesting thing…I really
have no idea what we’re gonna vlog about
today. Do you have any ideas? Just life I
guess. And see what happens…Let’s see what the brings…We’re good at that!…
Well somebody needs a haircut
and we bought this here at the bodega.
And there wasn’t a price on the shelf. So….
I ended up paying like twenty-five dollars for this. I
was thinking it might be like ten. Even
though we have some at Beck’s mom’s
house. We thought… Yeah! Let’s give her a
haircut here. The interesting thing is
going to be seeing how the return process
works. I do have a receipt. Okay! well it
looks like we’re just gonna get in-house
credit! And yeah…. 20, 25 bucks no big deal!
Because we do come to this Bodega quite
often. Because they have a little bit of
everything here. You know a lot of the
stuff in this store is a…. Looks like it
comes from Walmart. They have
everything from scooters, washing
machines and I think a great value is
like a Walmart brand. This is something
quite fascinating! Every time an employee
buys something like a pack of gum or a
drink, they scored it with a shot a
spray-paint. I guess it’s an effective
way to secure your inventory.
Well concerns have been expressed that
the toilet paper we bought last time is
a bit rough. And this is the stuff we got
for twenty one pesos. And I have no idea
what is gonna be better unless I use
price as like a factor. I don’t know! This
stuff is ahhh…. 20 peso! Sometimes you just have to live on the edge when it comes
to toilet paper. I really would like to
check this place out…They look closed because it’s Sunday…Volunteers
without limits! We spend enough time here that we would like to do some volunteer
work and sometimes it can be tough
finding out where to. But we were
referred to this place but… It’s Sunday
and they’re not open! We’ll have to come
back. Look at all those motorcycles…Wow! Beautiful motorcycles to.
You know this place is always busy. We
need to eat here one day. I’m like
totally not hungry now but they’re
always busy….. Good stuff! Guys this is a
really…. Thank you for shaking on me!… Nice day here in San Felipe and the dogs need
to get out and play.
Shelby, she’s just gonna sand bathe.
The dynamic between these dogs is pretty funny because the Springer, Gabe he loves
to swim. The Border Collie Sichael, he will
only go out about to his chest. And then
he gets all jealous that the puppies are
out there. And just…. It’s just a big game
with these dogs!
And then Shelby just likes hanging
out on the beach. So this is all just a
little bit of hearsay from, I think it
was like Victor and Lily. But I guess at
one point they were anticipating cruise
ships coming to San Felipe.So…. Some of
these ahhhh… Kind of more resort skyscraper
looking buildings were developed and
then it got canceled out. So…. There’s a
lot of half-finished hotels. I, It’s like
a double-edged sword you know! You think
it would be great for the economy for some cruise ships to come in. But yet it would
change the whole dynamic of the town and probably take away some of the charm!
Well we’re gonna round this afternoon
out with a trip to the sweet spot.They’re
not always open but Monica yesterday
said that they have really good
You guys are a salt on the rim type of
person or a no salt?
I just love that contrast with the salt… Well you gotta get a little sampler platter
to soak up the alcohol. This little dog
is getting mighty hungry right now! She’s
taking a couple whips off just in the
hopes that she’ll get some food. I am so
glad we ordered a little bit of food…
Because these guys, they snuck some alcohol
into that picture Margherita’s!…Oh oh! Mom’s intoxicated!
Fortunately grandma had some dog food in her trunk. We attained the
monster! Mom what are you doing ordering a whole slab of ribs?…That’s what we are having for dinner….We are hungry!
Seriously this has to be the best
homemade potato salad I’ve had in a long
time! I think mom just didn’t want us
driving intoxicated. So she knew we had
to like soak up the alcohol!
And we also just totally hung out with
Vincent the chef here…He’s awesome…Yeah….The Sweet Spot….
Worth your ahhhh… Stop here in San Felipe! Alright guys! I got to give you a shout-out
on my youtube channel because this food is great!
We have Vincent…. What’s happening?….DeAndre!…
DeAndre… Quincy and this is the guy that
adds tequila to those margaritas.
Hey! Great meal guys! Thank you very much.
Thank you, thank you for coming…You gotta love leftovers…I like the oranges…And grandma wants the oranges. I’m not safe
to drive right now! That CBD oil must
really be giving her the munchies. Because….
Shelby has not let up.She is
wanting all of what we are having… Our
dog is a weed freak!…There’s worse things to be in life…. But on
a very serious note! We have started
Shelby be on CBD oil. Which is the
non-intoxicating, anti inflammatory
aspect of hemp or marijuana whatever…And she has like an autoimmune condition
with her spinal cord where it’s all
inflamed. And it has just been amazing!
We’ve seen this burst of life come back
to her personality! Like she’s getting
into shit and stirring up trouble. That’s
the Shelby we know and love!…Like before
she wouldn’t be stirring stuff up! Like
it really warms our heart to know that
this CBDoil D oil… CBD oil is really
helping her. And if you guys have a dog
with some type of an issue related to
inflammation, I would highly recommend
giving it a shot! And you can get it in
all 50 states guys….
I think we found our designated driver! Ah Sitka, He’s a good boy!
Well, when the music is good and the
seats are comfortable and the margaritas
taste good…. There’s just no reason to go
So…. We’re gonna finish out here for the
day. But be sure to hit that subscribe
button because I’m sure we’re gonna be
up to something fun tomorrow! And….Thanks
for joining us! Hope you have an awesome day. See you next time! Bye!

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