CBD MEDTERRA, Muscle Pain Review & doTERRA Copaiba Oil vs CBD Oil Similarities

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okay guys I’m going to talk in a little
bit about CBD oil and copaiba oil from
doTERRA and CBD oil is from med taro
right I’m gonna start with the CBD well
just sometimes test a note just to see
know how I feel taking it because you
know as a martial artist I do a lot of
training we did mantras for over 30
all right so it was not a lot I get sore
muscles and there was some wear and tear
on me I’ve been kicking punching we’re
gonna do did sue flipping for over 30
odd years so there’s gonna be some wear
and tear man so it’s good to put
something to your body that’s natural
right like you see here I take my notes
don’t I always do I started the CBD oil
on October 26 the material brand okay
send us testing diesel to see which one
is the best one to use all right this is
3,000 milligrams so in my opinion it’s
pretty strong right and you will feel it
I felt it right so I’m gonna explain you
know if it isn’t a side effects and if
it really works on sore muscles and
joints this brain has no THC in it right
so you don’t get that psychedelic
feeling that high feeling red like you
guys watch my videos I’ve made of oils
before right infusing coconut oil right
so I use a marijuana infuse it in
coconut oil and I can extract it but it
has THC in it but the one I make will
will knock you down to TSP for me kicks
my ass I mean I’m basically falling down
I can’t stand up my legs are numb you
know it’s like you on some kind of what
I call it no morphine
hey but it depends that the Marwan is
natural right like I said that’s
something we’re
you don’t want to do on a regular basis
depending on depending on you but for me
I’d already like the THC field and I
don’t really like that I feeling of it
like I said back in days I used to smoke
you know what others don’t smoke anymore
right like I said everybody’s different
and you know they do what they like to
do at the end of the day right whatever
floats suppo and whatever makes you
happy and I’m gonna hurt nobody
alright so some people like to smoke it
we like to vape it you know some people
like to eat it
some people like to use it as a whole
right for me I like the old form right
without it THC right
I like the Robster which I have to go
try out which I’ve tried one before but
there’s other ones that are stronger
right this is all in the milligrams man
they did this is a strong one right some
people I said they like to eat it to me
um or it’s it’s really strong he’s the
one I make you know when I infuse it
it’s its strong man and strong so this
is all depends and you know where you
get any marijuana front to you know
that’s uh that’s a huge tip be very
careful where you’re buying these of
oils from you know cause some of it say
organic and which it should be like this
one this is organic brand right c0 THC
you know it says all depends you gotta
be careful where you’re buying stuff um
but this is a good Brandel
I did my homework on it is a very good
brand right for me and I’m gonna say you
know like I don’t smoke anymore so I’m
not like a like a regular person that’s
gonna be taking marijuana and smoking
and all these things right but this is
the CBD oil it doesn’t give you that
secretary feeling when I got high but
for me like I said you know I haven’t
been smoking or doing my one except for
that one time couple months back when I
made my aura test it out you know I was
like destroyed I was like out
I mean I couldn’t move right but for me
I felt effect from this though which
some people do say my fix of law was on
well my feeling was more of a relaxed
feeling in the beginning kind of middle
of it and then later on in the night you
know I started to feel kind of Numb
close to a high feeling but my body felt
relaxed though kind of like a
tranquilizer it but it’s it’s it’s not
like when you know you have THC in your
body you know of course with THC depends
on a person especially if you eat it you
know and it hits you later on like 3-4
hours then that’s when you start feeling
it so you know sometimes we need to
measure you don’t know how much you’re
taking in and it can knock you down so I
didn’t feel like that you know after the
trunk Allah is feeling but you know I
was still mellow and I was balanced and
I feel it functional that could function
right so if I wanted to go sand and
gravel or whatever I want to do or what
train up kudos but that’s a feat as I
get from it you know I felt a little bit
slight of all kind of a high feeling but
I wasn’t really I adore I mean you got
making a sense to you as I said since
it’s it’s pretty strong man it’s like
three thousand milligrams you know some
say it doesn’t have THC in it
what do you understand something when
they you know extract these things and
in the lab some time a little THC he
does get in it you know it’s never
always hundred percent man you know it
sometimes may be two percent or
something getting it you know so but my
opinion on this brand material it’s a
good brand man I mean I felt everything
from it as far as muscle pains yeah come
on mo super relaxed so it did what it
should be doing so I felt the effect of
our non kind of relaxed sensation you
sleep very well – let me see I took a
little bit too much in the beginning
when I started
and I started to feel a little nauseous
in the beginning but you know I kind of
stopped for a little bit that stuff for
like couple days one or two days because
that man list is making me kind of
nauseous because maybe I took too much
of it right I was doing it like two or
three times in the day so maybe I was
doing too much rent and then it took one
to layoff then I went back and I started
doing it again and then that not just
feeling went away it’s maybe just
something you buddy have to get used to
so I mean for me again people body
sometimes insides mental can be
different uncertain to stop you put into
your body even though it’s natural
sometimes you know my mind smoked a
certain kind of marijuana and you might
occur differently from the other person
right somebody might take this CBU all
3,000 milligrams of the start or and off
you know or somebody might use the
copaiba or Ella here then and then start
to or not which I knew a case from that
you know when somebody I think they did
lavend off mixing water they did like a
one drop and they made them sick you
know some people system is sometime
different on certain things you have to
be very careful when you put certain
things into your body even though it’s
natural all right I mean that goes for
anything medical prescription drugs or
whatever there’s after test these things
out like I said it is natural but some
people body could react differently to
it right today yes the see buddy water
the material really works great it works
and did exactly what it should do you
know I feel terrific for me at the feels
a relaxed feeling and I had it not just
feeling the beginning but I don’t have
that no more
and now hottest few balance with it man
so let’s almost finish see so she can
even if you guys can see so most of us
don’t know say there’s not much in there
left right yes a this is a great brand
and I think this is the the most the
most reeling around better carry right
so now public on artists maybe some
other brands out there because that’s
what I’m basically doing run around us
this indifferent CBD world but I don’t
know my first guy says don’t go and pick
any brand order into it you have to make
sure that you know where they get about
one of them and whole good there are
factories and how they break it down and
process it you know it is organic or
chemical is they’re using the chemicals
but sufficient
this is just straight see video and so
where’s the copaiba or goes you know I
would do a little bit of CBD oil and
then I add the copaiba after you know
that couple drops number like to adjust
my moat you know some people say you
know a CBD oil cap ago is kind of close
you know have this similar effect but
the new cap above all by itself and I
mean you know it’s a slight kind of
relaxed feeling but you don’t really
feel it as much as you do with the see
video well you see video or you will
feel it you will definitely feel it and
you will go to sleep any of your good a
muscle will be relaxed on this brand
every brand is different but the copaiba
oil is just a little easy thing just to
you know take but you don’t really feel
as much do you know is it all depends on
under strength and hope what entities I
don’t think this is very important in my
opinion I’m not saying that is not good
you know it just depends on a person I
mean for me you know I feel a little
something some but it’s nothing compared
to obviously video which is say the
copaiba plant and you know in the hemp
you know is that kind of like close in X
similarity right then I saying is the
same you know what they kind of slightly
change the same thing you know also
there is healing properties to you Missy
video you know in the hemp and here
properties in the copaiba which is
probably similar right so
there you go you know that’s just what
I’ve learned from my experience from
trying all these tools yeah yeah I might
try a different kind of although I’m not
sure which one I’m gonna try yeah I
believe there’s one order : was it CBD
CBD med or CBD MD or something like that
one kicker he was talking about it on
this channel right it’s like CBD MD and
they also have like some muscle robes
and I believe some soaps and then they
are the world and actually checked it
out and they have they’re all at the
exact that goes at milligrams so that’s
pretty important I’m a public one try
that one out since I’ve tried three
thousand I might want writer girl
burnout I believe is a vegan and it’s
organic Adem didn’t like that so so it’s
CBD MD I believe I mean I could be wrong
on that but if I’m wrong I just leave
the portal down in the bottom here in
the comments right yeah guys so that’s
it man that’s my talk on CBD oil man I
mean lot of people talk about this stuff
you know like a man it heals muscle
pains you know back pain and all these
things and yeah I mean it actually does
man I mean the bread am using actually
really really works and I actually felt
kind of high in it you know fervor relax
and almost ways were like you know kind
of numb feeling that relaxed sensation
what functional nothing I can function
and THC when you a lot of people can but
I can’t you know I really like that that
I feel that to be honest with you that’s
that’s just not mean again everybody’s
I just don’t like to feel like you know
I came over own I’m a little paranoid
you know the scam function you know it
just just not me that’s not my style you
know I like to be aware and you know mom
be able to kind of function if I need to
you know and I say it can be aware
THC or whatever some people can like I
said everybody’s different you know some
people function in the very well I go to
work on it they would train on it and
everything and they perform well but for
me I don’t do well in it like I said man
everybody is different in their own
little way said under the skies under
the heaven there’s a one-family but it
so happens you know different alright so
there you go like you know well that’s
more I know I should see when it comes
to skin color nationality you know
basically we’re just want to be honest
with you when it comes about putting
teens into your body no you know you can
react you will react differently
everybody or some people will react
differently to certain ingredients
that’s putting into your body certain
oils certain say prescription drugs
alcohol some people might have higher
alcohol tolerance how your prescription
drugs followings in also people might
take it in despair so the wrong get sick
right but for me I try to do is natural
no because if you guys know my story
back in the days you know I used to
compete a lot I was gonna tell me wonder
you know be enemy fighter you know so I
was training training training and
sometimes you know your your elbow hurt
your back hurt you know the knees you
need to recover your quick so what I was
doing I was just taking a lot of
painkillers you know a lot a mulcher and
Advil a lot of high description drugs
and some wasn’t even prescribed like
high dosage like towards in milligrams
of you know because that’s how much I
needed to recover quickly so does take
that stuff just recover soccer train
again right so like I said man
you take these things there you know
some might give you side effects
depending on the person but it’s nothing
major there’s nothing to destroy your
organs destroy your stomach lining
destroy your bones destroy your brain
you might feel nauseous with this stuff
here with the copaiba oil or the CBD I
feel a little nauseous but it’s not
gonna destroy your organs do you know I
was taking some crazy pain killers man
back in the days you know like I said
I’m six years strong no painkillers no
alcohol cut it out cut all the stuff of
them made a complete lifestyle change
man so everything I dunno it’s just all
natural that’s why I was looking for
natural remedies you know Kalama still
trained a sewer called
exercise yoga martial arts a beating or
lift weights you know so I do get you
know most of X that’s just natural
that’s just normal
all right so I need something sometimes
or Robert some also take so I can get
accordion and then train right but I’m
not going to take any prescription drugs
or any crazy on painkillers big heavy
dosage which can destroy my liver
kidneys right so also guys I would like
to add that for me and these this works
better when I’m on an empty stomach so I
don’t have anything in my stomach at the
time let’s take it but I do like couple
drops on the bottom now with the
compiler might be two drops right and I
said that works for me I’m gonna plant
beans laughs now being in that sauce so
majority of time of his little flat base
so you know like I said every morning is
going off you know react differently to
these oils you know some people might
feel that
calming relief from pain and some might
not the only pens on a person that it
depends on a brand to this man work for
me so again he call depends in a person
and when it comes down to it and what
brandy but I use write this all about
of longevity you know I’m not short-term
you know you’re not just trying to do it
for that knowing when you reach 40 or 41
you’re done you can’t move you wanna
have longevity you know it’s just like
anything you’re doing Mary doing weight
lifting we doing bodybuilding you know
martial arts you know any kind of sports
that’s football less active very wear
and tear and your ligaments your joints
you know you gotta make sure that you
try to use natural stuff because you
already taking a beating in those sports
just going out getting physically and
mentally taking a beating and then you
gonna turn around and then put chemicals
into your body that can destroy your
body you know long term or short term
and also you know they have some sports
were you know I got a lotta guys in
steroids you know even on YouTube one of
these guys they use steroids to sell
it’s the Rays will destroy you man you
wish to show your body much of your
organs much of a victim want you to
brain by time you reach 35 or 40 already
done all right already done that like
example here you guys know who Ronnie
Coleman is an equipment biggest
bodybuilder was it the classics world on
all classics or something like that
he was a huge big dude man lift a lot of
weights then but it looks like he’s on
some kind of enhancements it looks like
it someone natural to me is this huge
this man is muscle everywhere right
but no he can’t walk you can’t walk at
all his whole back is mashed up you know
of course all of the the this sárosi
take whatever is taking much of his body
and then he was lifting too much weights
800-pound squatting there was 14 800
pounds marshall be back so he destroyed
his body completely you know I know he
can’t walk no he’s walking with a cane
but overall the crutches so
and then remember what you do when
you’re younger you know it will affect
you when you get older so when you start
to age it will affect you later on in
life man if you don’t start making
changes from when you’re kind of still
young so you start like you know Tony
and Dawn uncertainty is used to do start
using more natural stuff get some yoga
going get some more easy motion some Tai
Chi some cutters bone you know easiest
stuff when your ligaments in your joints
so you know at least you could keep on
training you know doing what you love no
no Ronnie Coleman can’t live like that
no more
because this is bodies destroyed and
he’s only 54 you know he probably still
benches but I mean he can’t walk you
know his whole back is destroyed
completely lower back is gone he has two
hip surgeries his next surgery in his
whole body is mushroom so again a lot
people say because it is steroid usage
which is true you know asteroid does
weird on your bones in your ligaments
mixing beaker so he has all the
championships do all the metals and
everything like that but you can’t walk
so there it’s it’s boy it’s I guess the
sacrifice you make you know you could
sacrifice yourself like that you know
just you know just try to be good best
or whatever you want to be in you know I
end of the day it’s just like if it is
again all those sports and the
Championship medals and stuff is all a
game and the end of the day honest oh
fish is gonna be there but you know you
will age and your body’s going to change
on you people wanna move on people gonna
pass away if that’s what you want to go
out I mean that’s fine you know you do
what you want to do what I said
everybody do what I want to do whatever
made him happy but that goes on in these
what it is right so yeah guys so that’s
it for me that’s the video and I will be
making a next video maybe someones known
on a different breath maybe they are CBD
MD and I do a comparison with the
Mediterra bacteria all right and that’s
it guys so keep on kickin try to keep it
clean as possible do the best I can and

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