Suboxone withdraws CBD OIL

hey YouTube I’m back I just forgot to
mention a couple things I also amusing
fish oil fish oil and protein is really
these are withdrawing and drinking
drinking lots of water I also have this
no it’s not a weed pen I wish it was I
really don’t smoke weed weed makes me
paranoid but this is CBD smoking this
really helps I have not taken it yet I
guess I’m just keeping it a for an
emergency I don’t know if it’s a good
idea or a bad idea but like I said I’m
pretty much willing to take anything
other than suboxone to get me off this
shit I just don’t want to end up with
another addiction and I’m worried about
the kratom – I’ve only taken one today I
don’t even know if it helps to tell you
the truth I’m wondering in tomorrow’s
gonna be worse
I just wanted to point that out also CBD
oil that you can drink is great and it
helps a lot and also this is from
drinking because I can’t eat anything so
it has a lot of protein in it anyway
that’s it anyway I’ll check in again

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