CBD’s 1,2,3’s & All About Cannabis

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so that’s what this is all about so if
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can look past the superficial and you
can look past the the fact that it’s
turned the wrong way and listen take
notes and take in what I’m saying this
is going to be one of your most
informative videos this is probably
going to be especially if you’re a
Mississippian or someone that lives in
the south with the same type of legal
political views that you have to deal
hey 70 so this is going to be very
educational I hope to open up the minds
of everybody that watches my channel I
hope that this will be one of those
videos that y’all can turn around and
post other places like well Missouri’s
cool y’all have already legalized the
medicinal marijuana and the growth the
growth the growth of hemp so we’re going
to talk about all of that and a big part
of the problem is education people
assume that like hemp is marijuana
people assume a lot of things because
really and truly we are not educated in
our public school system we are not
educated we are indoctrinated and we are
taught to memorize and regurgitate so
instead of looking and researching and
evaluating facts where talk simply take
in what someone else tells you and
repeat it take in someone what someone
else tells you and repeat it so let’s
just take history that’s a good example
a lot of us don’t know real history
because what we have been indoctrinated
with I won’t say educated because it’s
total indoctrination here’s what you’re
supposed to know regurgitate it on the
test on Friday and that’s what you’re
going to repeat to your your peers your
loved ones your children and that’s the
only story you know so it’s it’s it’s
Renea regard to take repeat indoctrinate
regard to take repeat and so that’s how
we are publicly kept ignorant so I’m
gonna start out with letting y’all know
well rad roofer the the part about
medicinal marijuana and and the cops and
all that those are the laws we can touch
on that later let me just start out by
saying and I use the King James Version
that’s just my personal I believe it’s
Genesis 29 1 and God said behold I’m
giving you every herb bearing seed which
is upon the face of all the earth and
every tree in which is the fruit of a
tree yielding seed and to you it shall
be for meat now I believe when it says
meat that means a useful that means
sufficient ok
Dixey living homestead thank you thank
you very much okay look listen folks I
don’t know how much of the stream might
get cut if it kept if it keeps happening
it’s clear YouTube is effing with my
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going to be very informative keeps
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to have to do it in a video and then
post it like that
alright so God I believe gave us
everything that we needed on earth we
use trees to cut down wood to build
homes to make paper we use certain herbs
like lavender to help us fall asleep so
why what’s the stigma with the hemp the
cannabis the marijuana so let’s just
start at square one for those people who
are not familiar with and we’ll get into
the CBD part of it and the oil part of
it and all of that why is it illegal
well the the truth is is that there are
two different real video is censored I
tried that for a while it is censored
you have one person
that has the potential to gain from you
buying their products and so on and so
forth and so if you’re someone like me
who has competitive type products and/or
may have more to say in certain areas
yeah it is censored I’m sorry
all of them are censored if someone at
the top has any political financial or
whatever agenda it gets censored so and
that’s just the facts of it and I can’t
afford to put up my own platform or I
would all right back to seat back to
cannabis so you have this plant called
cannabis hey Michele wicks and at the
top of this this this cup this is an
unbroken so like you have similar to
tomato plants
so over here you have it’s made of plant
and on it can produce different types of
tomatoes you can produce small Tomatoes
it can produce red tomatoes it can
produce large orange tomatoes it can
produce purple tomatoes but the whole
thing is considered under the umbrella
of a tomato or it’s made a plan when
you’re talking about educating people
it’s real important that you make the
distinction that cannabis is the
umbrella plant and you have him on one
side of that which has a very low THC
almost no THC content and you have
marijuana they are both under the
cannabis plant umbrella but one has no
THC that would be your hemp when I say
no it’s got to be 0.3% or less okay
almost no THC not enough to get you high
okay marijuana on the other hand has
high THC levels and you know the higher
you get the more high you get obviously
so that’s what’s considered marijuana so
when they say medical marijuana or
recreational marijuana you’re talking
about with THC it’s all cannabis under
this umbrella hemp has the little to no
THC content so just for sex of education
when you talk about these issues you
should know the difference between the
two the hemp little to no THC the Canada
marijuana has the THC so yes 0.3%
or less okay so that’s one of the the
groundbreaking I open or things that a
lot of people don’t get so if you talk
about legalizing growth in your state
they hear the word him they are ignorant
and I don’t mean that in a bad way but
ignorant to the fact that hemp has many
industrial uses they assume marijuana or
if you say cannabis they assume
marijuana and then you’re you’re dealing
with the issue of morality and all this
other kind of stuff when you didn’t even
mean to open up those doors
so for educational purposes we’re
talking about mainly hemp on this
channel and this V this video today and
CBD and what all that is but we will
talk about medical marijuana as well
okay Florida has green cards as well if
you have medical marijuana uses for
something like say P PTSD and I’m gonna
go into a real-life story that my
husband and I had an event at the VA
he’s probably gonna get mad at me
because he likes to keep his personal
life personal but a lot of people will
say well why would you need that I’m
gonna give you a perfect example of why
I have run into going to use CBD and
what Ben has found it very helpful and
why I personally want to get into the
stage of forming it when I say farming
in a hemp to begin with and then later
maybe medical marijuana a lot of people
think oh that’s horrible God gave us
these herbs people and he’s always
telling us in Proverbs to get knowledge
and get understanding so if we do what
God tells us to do I know the majority
of people on my channel are like
conservative Republicans but I don’t
want to limit our mindset because we
have like a traditional type of
Christian morality type of background
when God clearly says he’d won gave us
all these herbs to use and to that we
should always be getting knowledge and
with knowledge get understanding well
understanding behind that just other
than spouting off facts we really should
try to understand the way in which God
intended our world to work whether it’s
how we garden whether it’s how we take
care of our kids
whether it’s how we take care of our
animals we should open our bonds up and
not be closed
minded and so that’s why I guess I’m
more libertarian than anything and the
reason why I would say that is because
libertarians very much have that live
and let live attitude and although my
morality probably is more conservative
when it comes to laws regulations when
it comes to telling other people what to
do and how to live their lives that is
just very clear also from Scripture that
we don’t have the right to do that
so moving on let’s go into with
exception of being in sin or
abominations or that kind of thing so
let’s move into the CBD aspect so CBD
that is a term or an acronym or I guess
you could say our abbreviation for kenoi
cannabinoid –all oil and I’m gonna cut
that short and just say cannabinoid oil
it’s a tongue twister but cannabinoid
–all oil is referred to as CBD and that
can be extracted from either your hemp
or your marijuana okay so and some some
studies have shown that the THC content
being present from your marijuana CBD
does help to decrease pain it does give
it a little bit more of the potential
relaxation element it can actually help
you to sleep better it you know can’t
help you with digestion better but for
the people that don’t have access to
that for the people that are not able to
get that legally in their state all 50
states have the ability to access CBD
oil CBD oil can come again either from
the hemp or the marijuana now the hip
CBD oil is what you’re gonna find mostly
on the internet it has most of it has
they’ve tested it made sure it has
little to no THC and or removed it if it
did but the hip CBD oil is what most
people are looking to use and I’m gonna
say for my own purposes I haven’t been
able to sleep at night I’ve been
I’ve been sick and I will wake up
choking I’ll throw up in the middle of
the night
so I have had a hard time with digestion
I’ve had a hard time with ever since I
got pregnant
with anxiety they started me out on
steroids for different things not being
able to just just insomnia in general so
my doctor gave me like ten ambien a
while back I took those those helped I
realized if I could get a good night’s
some of these other symptoms have died
off so I have taken into trying CBD
gummies and they work they are so
powerful not only do they work but it
has in it has prompted me to actually
want to grow hemp again hemp is the one
without the THC hemp is the one that is
lacking in the ability to make you HOT
get high and hemp is the industrial side
of the cannabis plant
much of the hemp is groaning is for rope
paper your Constitution you freedom
lovers out there that Constitution was
signed on hemp paper it’s one of those
that has many different uses and it’s
not the getting house out of it so for
morality purposes what is the big deal
with the the marijuana versus the hemp
again the hip doesn’t get you high but
it still has a plethora of good plus
uses so let me give you some rundown of
some things that CBD oil might be
helpful for you alzheimer’s anorexia
because of digestion I would say
anorexia probably bulimics to anxiety
arthritis asthma chronic pain depression
epilepsy inflammation of various kinds
whether it’s topical use of a CBD oil or
whether it’s internal insomnia ms
restless leg syndrome nausea obesity
PTSD restlessness restless leg syndrome
so I personally my personal experience
has been that using about 25 to 30
milligrams of CBD I use either in the
capsules or the gummies
at night has not just helped my
digestion so that I’m not feeling sick
or having this acid reflux all the time
so I’m able to replace what what I don’t
normally I’m not a pill popper but I
couldn’t say that if I needed pills all
the time I would be able to replace a
zantac or in nexium some type of an acid
or acid reducer I would be able to
replace a sleeping pill or an ambien or
whatever people take to help them fall
benadryl all these allopathic that have
harmful side effects I would be able to
replace those with a simple dose of CBD
and that again that could be a 10 shirt
that could be a gummy that could be a a
capsule however you prefer to take it
but I have found them extremely helpful
again no THC so you don’t get hot but it
definitely helps with acid reduction for
me digestion helps me feel more relaxed
and helps me sleep and I only take them
at night when I’m going to bed but
that’s the one side of it let’s get into
the legalities of it why do not why
don’t most states Mississippi is getting
on my nerves with this issue there was a
bill that has come up and it needs to be
approved by the Senate and then signed
into action by the governor that has
come up to allow farmers to be able to
grow him now again this cannabis in
general has been called the new cash
crop the new cotton this bill would
simply allow farmers to grow hemp
without having any type of repercussions
from the state and they could you know
produce whatever they wanted to out of
it could CBD oil you know paper rope you
know all that kind of stuff but they
have they have pushed it down previously
and there is one lady that I forget her
name Patricia something or another and
she’s so getting on my nerves because
her her thing is well we shouldn’t
approve farmers in Mississippi to be
able to grow hemp until the federal
level approves it well if I’m not
mistaken that might have been the last
year’s argument but it’s on the
books right now so if you live in the
city of Mississippi please go this is
the 9 THC forum and go and talk to your
Senators and to your governor Governor
phil Bryant and and request that they
allow farmers to grow this legally
because it is absolutely ridiculous not
to a lot of people assume it is the the
one that gets you high but there is so
much demand for the CBD products that
farmers where it is legal to grow cannot
keep up so this would allow other people
to jump on the bandwagon to make a
decent amount of money and we’re also
going to go into CBD oils that you did
it I would recommend or not recommend
I’ve started using it with my daughter
for some issues oh let me see I’m sorry
and it’s become a favorite oil in my
house because my husband is dependent is
a Baptist preacher and I let’s see we
keep it on the ok kit yeah I understand
Christina or Christine Taylor I’m sorry
I’m having problems with my chat exactly
it’s not the type that gets you high but
it is still helpful the cannabinoid
–all oil or again your CBD oil comes
from hemp does not contain THC or has
0.3 percent or less okay
so wherever your whatever you’re getting
whether you’re a cannabis plant you need
to know this also there are clean
varieties and there are unclean
varieties this is also why and I am NOT
a proponent of regulation if you that’s
why I said in the beginning of more of a
uh regulations to me are there Henderson
they usually cut out the small guy
they’re very pro corporate or big
company regulations because monopolies
are illegal in the United States
regulations are a way to stomp out your
competitor and and not have go okay I’ve
got this monopoly I’m taking over and
buying everybody out I’m doing it enough
regulations are how you do that on a
level so before a tea can buy out all
these other companies they have the
government put regulations in to make
all the other companies have to jump
through these hoops once they realize
they can’t jump through any more hoops
they can’t financially afford it they
can then sell out to AT&T and AT&T is
the biggest guy on the block you see how
that works so either and that’s how all
companies I mean they own the big level
buy out your competitor become your
competitor that way you make all the
money so Christine Colgate Coke and
Pepsi you know all that so it’s it’s
just the same same backdoor way of
having a monopoly to make regulations so
I’m not Pro regulation but here’s what
you need to know about cannabis in
general in the cannabis plant is a clean
up plant in as much as it will work to
clean up fields let’s just say an ad you
know a man that sells sunhemp to farmers
pet your seeds I’ve mentioned him many
times you can find him online at pet
receipts com farmers will use son hemp
or plant some form of hemp as a cat as a
crop to clean up their fields when they
have had a lot of a-ok when farmers over
do their fields when they’ve used too
much fertilizer when they’ve used too
many chemicals and their fields become
scorched you can plant him and it will
clean up your fields
sadly you need to do it several years in
a row but you don’t want to use that
hemp to turn around as a processed crop
like for CBD oil or anything that can be
ingested because it will contain all of
those pesticides herbicides chemical
fertilizers or whatever it is so you
want to make sure if you’re buying CBD
oil that you get a very clean source and
I’m gonna go ahead and tell you that
I’ve looked for many months on what type
of source that I would like to
personally use and sell and that is
green roads and the reason why I’ve
looked at several different studies I’ve
looked at and don’t get me wrong studies
cannot always be blonde they can be paid
for studies
but I’ve looked at several different
studies recommendations if you want to
say like peer reviews or reviews of
different people on internet and green
roads keeps coming up at the top of the
level so I’m going to actually look into
buying hotel and then being able to
retail their products I’ve tried balm
I’ve tried a cure well I’ve tried
several other products too
but for cleanliness it is important that
when you when you and you want to
non-gmo and then I’m gonna get into that
too in just a second when you’re using
CBD oils or gummies or capsules or
tensors or whatever you want to make
sure that your source is clean because
whatever it is that is put in that
ground even before that crop is grown
while that crop has grown it will absorb
it because it is a clean up plant
here’s the good thing by using it in
your body it helps to clean up your body
heavy metals toxins those kind of things
but if you’re using a source that is
unclean you will need to you need will
need to think about that because you’re
going to be putting those unclean items
in your body there’s actually been one
study done that I’m gonna link at the
bottom of this that you all can go and
look at yourself you can google it for
yourself that does talk about green
roads and their purity and the fact that
they are non-gmo so let’s move into
non-gmo hay food forest permaculture
yeah our website is homestead mama org
and I will put more about that later but
let’s stick to the car to the regularly
scheduled program okay so when you’re
talking about CBD oils or the use of any
cannabis make sure your your whether
it’s medical marijuana whether it’s you
know whatever it is make sure it’s clean
and non-gmo here’s what you’re going to
see now that medical marijuana is
starting to become legal and popular
cannabis in general you’re gonna see a
lot of it go GMO and they’re not going
to tell you and they don’t tell you
there are so many psychedelic types and
when I say psychedelic I just mean
extreme types of marijuana out there now
that are not organic that
and the reason is is because they need
to produce a lot of it fast if any of
y’all heard about the shortage in Oregon
they went into buying it from other
states Colorado is one the reason why
they wanted and they crashed the every
single thing Monsanto touches withers
and dies so it’s not going to last but
for a time the pharmaceutical companies
are making Bank on this and they want to
GMO as much misty blue Garcia that’s
what I’m saying the green roads brand is
organic it’s also non-gmo you can listen
you can label something organic and it
still be GMO that’s how messed up and
that’s why regulations don’t even work I
wish people would get that through their
head what you want is third party lab
testing what you want is peer reviews
like there was a thing coming up in
Mississippi a bill to pass for our
organics was that to other farmers from
an organic group would come and they
would oversee your they would check out
your farm they would oversee your field
production it was basically
peer-reviewed now could you pay off
peers sure can you pay off people who
come and inspect your your USDA approved
farm absolutely so there’s wickedness
everywhere but regulations really
there’s always a loophole and so what it
does is it shuts down people who
couldn’t make money off of it who could
be honest by trying to set harsh
regulations so that’s the only thing
that if you all are or in any way shape
or form politically involved if you care
about the future of this product to this
cannabis in your cut in your state get
on board with what’s being said in the
laws what’s being said for the
regulations so the fact that you can you
can actually not spray because here’s
what they do you and this is what
they’re doing with corn if you have you
have organic corn it’s very likely that
it was a GMO product it was a GMO corn
but they have put the Bt toxin which is
the bug or a bug in the
sect aside what kills the bugs in the
GMO corn seed they also attaches itself
to the DNA and then when the bugs eat it
they die well so they never had to spray
the field for bugs they do that same
thing with the herbicides so now
whenever they have genetically altered
it to where they don’t have to spray
they can come back and say well it
hasn’t been sprayed
therefore it’s organic so don’t be
fooled do not be fooled these big
companies like Monsanto I have not seen
any GMO cannabis well hey prep center
Bob just a few moments okay no problem
glad you’re here if when you go to the
pharmacy or the dispensary depending on
where they get it they’re not going to
label it GMO are you kidding did you
know almost all the tobacco in America
and Houston cigarettes is GMO but nobody
nobody’s gonna go hey and put a big fat
GMO sticker on the side of those
cigarettes see we have these stupid
regulations like for instance they are
organic relevant regulations and you
think that you’re getting quality
products because so-and-so did this
paperwork well the quality of the
product comes from what’s growing in the
field not the paperwork or the all the
fees and the certificates and the money
paid to get that crap done your your
quality product is in the field and
that’s where you want your you you want
to do your investigating so yes there’s
tons of GMO hemp out there its cannabis
and tobacco most people do not get that
you can grow it GMO and still claim it’s
organic you’ve got to do this research
people anyway you want to make sure you
have a very clean source other countries
label GMOs says Dixie living homestead
absolutely see that’s what I’m saying we
put down regulations to make things
harder for farmers like here jump off
jump through these all of these
paperwork hoops pay all this money but
then on the back end where is you know
they’re not gonna cause people to have
to label it GMO and things like that so
you have a very backwards way of farming
and getting food and other things to the
consumer in America all right so
yeah you need to do deep research
exactly Tammy I am alright so there was
a farm bill passed according to my
research in 2014 but some had said it
was 2018 and supposedly legal in all 50
states to grow hemp now again in
Mississippi they’re having some issues
with it so legally here they’re not
doing the whole okay alright
says we’re back the only way to know
what’s in your food is to know your
farmer that is so true prep center Bob
that’s why I am my own farmer for a lot
of what we eat that is so true all right
everybody give me a thumbs up real quick
that helps our YouTube algorithms and
oftentimes forget to say it so please if
you are watching right now take a second
to just like this video okay now CBD oil
the cannabinoid oil is or a cannabinoid
oil again needs to be clean needs to be
non-gmo and it comes in several
different forms it’s used for so many
different things I just went over that
list from anxiety upset stomach
digestion so don’t turn your nose up at
it and assume that it is the marijuana
can get you how kind of thing although I
am NOT opposed to medicinal marijuana at
all I’ve just seen a lot in my life
where I’ve seen it be very useful for
people I’ve also seen where and we’re
gonna this is where we’re going to talk
about laws so clean versus unclean I
made myself a list of things I wanted to
talk about let’s go into laws laws
regulations you want tested you want lab
work you want to know where it comes
from the good thing about the green
roads brand is and I’m not doing this to
pump them because we’re not actually
selling them yet I’m just telling you
that’s where I’m gonna end up with all
my products for my website as far as the
laws you go you want to know where
they’re being produced how they’re being
produced and you just want third-party
lab testing that will give you all the
information that you need independent
lab testing will prove whether it’s
contaminated or not in the story you
don’t need a thousand laws you don’t
need to put these farmers through hoops
they can’t even grow it you don’t need
to make a miserable with having to do
all the paperwork so just think about
that people what’s the long youtube for
hit videos how really okay alright so
laws most states it is illegal federally
to grow it but individual states have
yet to decide on some some states
Mississippi’s one on whether they will
consider it legal or illegal there’s
also a line of hemp that you can grow
through your animals that had I not
found out in time I was fixing to grow
it a few years ago son hemp is the one I
just talked about that’s great for
cleaning up farmland grown you find it
it from mr. Petra Petra seeds calm son
hem is 30 percent protein so a lot of
farmers have grown have moved into
growing this for their goats their cows
things like that feed to their animals
chickens and it will get six feet tall
in like six weeks look into that if it
is legal for you to grow hemp in your
state and you are a homesteader look at
son hemp not only will it replenish tons
of good nitrogen into your soil but it
will also give you good things to feed
your animals and clean up your fields at
the same time he has tons of farmers
contacting him with what are called
scorched fields they’re sterile they
have no good bow back they have no good
bacteria all of their beneficial
anything in the ground is gone from all
of the heavy chemicals from all of the
heavy fertilizers so they will be unable
to just about grow anything without
dumping a time of fertilizer in it and
so it’s then therefore unprofitable and
once they get to that point it’s like oh
well and I’m just gonna say it like this
I really do believe God’s way is best
and ground should be kept fallow one out
of every seven years so that’s another
thing we farm like the Babylonians we
strip we are like locusts we go through
and we strip everything of any good
potential because we consume consume
consume consume and I’m not one of these
population control you know blah blah
blah we got it the world go in green or
new whatever I’m don’t believe in any of
that bullshit but it is true that we
overdue in order to make the most money
out of something and that we strip land
we stripped just about all the goodness
out of anything in order to get a bottom
dollar so how can you do that well if we
all if we could would rotate back into
living personally a greener lifestyle we
wouldn’t need all these rules and
regulations and these stupid things
coming up like let’s get rid of
airplanes that’s anyway that’s a whole
nother political talk wait if we can go
back make sure we look around on the
seven-year soil if we can see
a form that aren’t going to tear up
their bodies if we can feed our children
those good things that aren’t laced with
GMOs that aren’t going to tear up their
bodies if we could just make those
changes there would be no need for any
of the garbage for our government
shouldn’t even be talking about
regulating our lives it should not even
be discussed and it’s not one of those
things they are allowed to do according
to the Constitution but you give them
their power all that is necessary for
evil to prosper is for good men to do
nothing all right so let’s go over we’ve
gone over the difference in him
what CBD oil is laws and regulations now
into let’s see so when when a product is
produced from him or marijuana then you
have to have farmers with permits or
there’s a regulatory board of some sort
and then those things get taken into the
lab they get tested or whatever wherever
they’re going
you have dispensary anything you have
pharmacies I would encourage you to be
very leery very leery of going to a
pharmacy instead of a dispensary and
here’s why
back in the 80s Monsanto took over and
that’s what they’re trying to do with
the hemp industry they’ve done it to the
tobacco industry Monsanto tried to take
over the cattle industry they want to
take over all Agra okay and so they went
and they started convincing farmers here
give this to your animal it will be foam
up these hormones the BTS 20 hormones
all the hormones that there are some
natural hormones out there but they took
over this idea of pumping your cattle
full of hormones so they will get bigger
beefier and they will produce more milk
so what happened after that was the
farmers were producing more than the
than the demand they had more supply
than demand so it crashed the milk
market and it put almost all the milk
dairy farms out of business Ben’s family
was one they had four to five hundred
head of cattle and at their biggest
point and they couldn’t get ten cents
for a gallon of milk now what happens is
is that Monsanto also owns the people
that they own the companies that buy the
end product from you whether it’s cotton
soybean milk so they know when it’s
to purchase the product they can they
make you buy they require you to buy the
expensive hormones and then when your
products comes due and you have way more
than what’s needed half of it either
gets dumped or you end up selling it for
dirt cheap and they are the ones buying
it back in fact green farmers around
here have started going back to building
silos and what they will do is instead
of selling their grain corn soybeans
whatever when it’s when it comes time to
be harvested they will draw it and store
it themselves and wait so the price goes
back up because when it comes time to
buy in the fall they the price goes way
down just if you watch farm at big AG
economics they’re basically putting the
farmers out of business not as if the
regulations weren’t enough then they
give them the lowest bottom dollar on
the commodities that they produce and so
be careful of buying from pharmaceutical
companies if I’m what was the big merger
wasn’t it Monsanto and Bayer recently so
wake up to what’s going on don’t be
you’re better off buying a very good
medical marijuana or a CBD oil from a
person who can legally sell it to you
which could be a dispensary or a small
business than you are at a pharmacy
because now Monsanto has their hand in
the pharmaceutical companies so you need
to wake up and be aware of what’s really
going on this idea of no GMO weed or
cannabis hit whatever not true not true
so if Monsanto has anything to do with
it they will own every plant and be able
to market it sell it you know charge a
fee for you grow in it patent it
whatever don’t be fooled that’s where
the non GMO really is important a lot of
people think that that’s just a gimmick
because you’ll go into a grocery store
and you’ll see the the gluten-free on
milk or something that’s just a sales
gimmick but the non-gmo on your hemp or
marijuana products your cannabis
products no that’s a really important
one okay when states determine how and
and they will make these things legal
whether you’re talking about him or
medical marijuana the hemp part of it it
comes with the same stigma as the
marijuana because people are ignorant
and I don’t mean that in a bad way but
they are they don’t know the difference
so the only way the wind they’re gonna
you know legalize these things is when
you get active and you get proactive in
your health and caring about what’s what
you’re putting in your body they’re not
going to give you these good things
because they like you or they care about
you it’s all about money when the market
for CBD for hemp products for marijuana
medicinal marijuana when the market will
make them more money in tax dollars then
they can make off the incarceration and
justice system then it will become legal
and that is just the way it works so if
you’re foolish enough to believe that
for any reason other than that now if
you think about it it’s not just the
sales dollars off the sale of the
physical marijuana what’s the best CBD
oil to bow without carrier oils or THC
Karen I would say green roads that’s
what I have I’ve tried several different
brands I like hip balms second best but
they have some of their testing hasn’t
come back pure so green roads has come
back pure it’s affordable there are some
cream of the crop companies out there
but for bait and I talked to the people
there at the green roads company because
that’s the where I’m gonna be selling
which I’m actually going to go into in
just a minute
but that’s the one I like I’m gonna put
a link in the description box for one of
their reviews that NBC did and don’t get
me wrong those reviews can be biased and
I don’t trust major news news media on
just about anything but it was a there
of quoting an independent unbiased
blonde study so NBC did not do the study
it was a university that did the study
so anyway the laws will change when
there is a demand from the people and
they see that let’s just take an
industry whether it’s growing hemp or
medical marijuana cannabis or it’s grown
raising chickens
when they see that they’re gonna make
sales off of the equipment used to grow
it they see that they’re gonna make
sales tax off of whatever fertilizer
whether it’s organic or whatever when
they see that they’re going to the whole
industry you’re going to need the
certain type of setup for hydroponics
you’re going to need certain facilities
you’re going to need all this stuff
equipment you’re going to need seed
you’re going to be able to sell it and
they’re gonna make sales tax off of who
you sell it to
once they manufacture it into an oil or
whatever then they’re gonna sell it
they’re gonna make sales tax off of that
next step so when the taxes and all of
the industry and they’re even giving
grants now to some farmers to grow him
when the industry is pulling in more
money to the state in revenue then they
are already making in the justice system
by incarcerating people for this it’s
gonna be a no-brainer they’re gonna
switch over so when they see a high
enough demand from the people that’s
when you’re gonna see your laws and
regulations change for those of you who
aren’t you are in – do I get info from
the people you’re going to sell for no
no I talk to them but I do my own
research so that’s a good question
rocky Brook that is absolutely an
intelligent question no I take whatever
they’ll give me and but I also do my own
research and I you know I’ll research
whatever they tell me so no no another
thing I do like about the green roads
product is the fact that they’re USA
grown they’re grown in Kentucky and
they’re grown in Florida and that’s
where they’re they’re all USA grown GMO
organic so that’s important and they’re
a third party if you want to say lab
tested and approved that’s how my
essential oils are their third party lab
tested so that no one has their hand in
it there’s no government regulation that
requires me to lab Testament wheels I
could just try to sell them but because
we have them lab tested then I can say
okay there for sure approved for food
use okay all right so anyway here’s the
here’s where I’m going with this when
when when you get involved in
those people who who have never tried
CBD oil I don’t care if you try some
brand I mentioned or whatever I try to
sell or whatever if you just try you can
go to the gas station and start out like
I did I truly did I just bought me a
five pack of hemp gummies like the brand
name hemp bomb and I was like this I
need something to help me sleep but I
didn’t want to take pills so I just
bought it saying okay I’ll just give it
a try and the very first time I tried it
I didn’t last ten minutes I took two I
don’t know what dose they were I didn’t
have any idea on milligrams I didn’t
investigate it I was just desperate to
sleep and within ten minutes I was like
out and I was like whoa they work so
that’s when I started getting a little
bit deeper into it but the cleanliness
is important the non-gmo is important
the getting involved in your state’s
regulations is super important all right
but not to over regulate the farmers is
also I think sometimes we develop these
grassroots movements like organics and
everybody chokes on the bandwagon and
then the next thing you know everybody’s
hollering for regulation it’s like are
you stupid
that’s what sent the Soviet Union under
is these extreme regulations because you
can regulate it to the point where you
can’t get it to the people if the
farmers cannot grow it affordably if it
can’t be done in a wise manner and they
are they’re doing more paperwork than
they can be out in a field
you have just regulated it out from up
under yourself so quit with the outcry
for regulations and be more proactive
about knowing your farmer about knowing
where these things are being grown how
these things are being grown it’s not
just taking the word of the people who
are growing it but actually
investigating it make sure there’s some
third party lab testing going on those
kind of things all right last but not
least this is gonna protect okay
my live stream is getting cut off a
bunch I don’t know why I don’t know if
it’s YouTube or if it’s just a bad
connection or what all I know is that
this particular video has been like uh
it says it’s been hard to get out there
please do hit the thumbs
but another thing is I’m gonna put some
links to some information y’all can look
up on your own in the description box
once I shut the video down it takes me
about 30 minutes for it to process and
for me to put those links up just to
give you a good jumping-off point for
for of the Medical Marijuana campaign
Mississippians have the opportunity to
sign a petition if there’s 86,000 and
some odd signers you can get the medical
marijuana in 2020 put on the ballot to
have it added to the state constitution
and it mend it and make it you know not
illegal anymore to use medical marijuana
that one is a very important one I’ve
read the bill there’s been so many bills
put out there by so many different
states and then you’ll realize that
there are so many loopholes and
regulations tied to their bills that
it’s still not getting to the consumer
so if you are interested in that and I’m
going to tell you why I support this the
CVD for one we had an instance where Ben
was trying to go get some he was dealing
with some PTSD issues so his regular
doctor couldn’t see him for four months
and they schedule these appointments and
then if they want to reschedule these
appointments they don’t even tell you
that just sends you a letter in the mail
and hope you get that but it can be
sometimes six months out before he can
see a doctor locally and in Tupelo so we
drove to Memphis one day for him to see
a doctor and it just so happened to be
that yes I know cannabis CBD is
different from no cannabis CBD is all
all types of hemp or marijuana cannabis
is the name of the plant
it’s either hip or marijuana the general
name for thee if you want to say the
Latin term the botanists term is
cannabis and I’m not saying actual Latin
name but it’s cannabis then you break it
down and you’ve got two sides to that
you’ve got him which is the point three
percent or less THC and then you’ve got
your marijuana over here which is then
has the higher THC content which can get
you high anyway so I haven’t I haven’t
smoked weed in you know twenty
honestly but I’m not opposed to those
people who need it getting it I see tons
of cancer patients and people with other
issues who could use it not able to get
it I think it’s totally ridiculous that
the only reason why we have this war on
drugs is to make the states money that’s
it’s insane
we profit off of other people’s pain and
suffering we incarcerate and here’s
another reason that I thought was very
important we incarcerate so many people
on these what should be considered minor
offenses or put them in jail and then
find them and then they can’t afford to
pay the fine and then if they don’t show
up and pay their fine then they’ll have
a warrant out for their arrest and then
they lose their job because they go to
jail for that and the whole justice
system is a joke and if you’ve read our
Constitution it’s said that there
shouldn’t be any extreme forms of
penalties such as fines or incarceration
when I can’t remember exactly the way it
was worded but it was so that it wasn’t
extreme the punishment should fit the
crime and nowadays you have this big
money-making scam as all it is nobody
really cares if you smoke a joint but
they can make top dollar off of you if
they catch it in your car you can end up
you know there’s just so many Domino
effects from it it’s just ridiculous so
to make a long story short get involved
I’m in order to get the CBD oils in
order to buy them wholesale and retail
them from you I put my cell phone I
guess you could say a research binge
where I did all the research that I felt
like was sufficient in order to make
sure I was going to get into the right
stuff the best oils top-notch make sure
that they were pure non-gmo that kind of
thing so but it’s a big investment
financially so I’m actually having a
sale and with my website 20% off I’m
gonna do it for the next two weeks and
the code is CBD and the number for me
CBD for me and that’s those the earnings
from that sale are gonna go straight
into me stocking up on our CBD products
and the cool thing about another cool
thing about the green roads is that the
way they have it priced for the
people who do buy hotel it allows me to
offer you a super good deals whenever I
want to I can put up a sale on the
products whenever I want to I can you
know give a discount or whatever they’re
not you’re not locked into yes you have
to make an initial investment to buy
their products that’s with anybody some
of them won’t even talk to you unless
you spend thousands of dollars so that’s
that you know that’s a hindrance but at
the same time by being able to priced it
I know because I host sell my products
to as your standard in Oregon or hosts
all my products to stores so I know that
if they want to run a sale or if they’re
gonna offer a deal and still be able to
pull a profit I have to price my
products so that it’s it’s an incentive
for them to even want to sell them so on
the back end of that the business side
of it it is a cool deal for me because
the products are still priced well
enough that I can run them you know
whenever I throw up the 20 percent sale
I can still get a good enough discount
on them that I could pass that on to
y’all so the whole the whole thing all
the way around that I’ve researched I
really do believe that green roads even
if you didn’t buy off of my website is
the best company that I would stake
stand behind and and that’s just you
know do your own research but you’ll see
them pop up at the top of the list for
several independent peer reviews things
like that you’ll see them pop up at the
list of look for that block I’m gonna
put that blonde study in the description
box look that up so CBD for me is the
coupon code you can use that at
homestead moment org for the next two
weeks I’m gonna use those that income
from those sales to help me springboard
off into buying because it’s not cheap
you know getting invested into the CBD
products but I was I was personally
shocked now let me go into the PTSD
thing for vets they also have a program
where they try to do work with vets with
PTSD now hit go back to the story of Ben
and I we went to Memphis we couldn’t get
help for his PTSD his doctor and people
wouldn’t see him his appointment they
called they they scheduled him
appointment for four months out it ended
up getting changed to six months
out so too much still to go we go to
Tuscaloosa Alabama so we’re about an
hour and a half from either place we get
to Tuscaloosa maybe two hours from your
place I’m not sure we get to Tuscaloosa
Alabama yeah I can ship to the UK now um
Tuscaloosa Alabama I’m not kidding
y’all do not think I’m trying to be
racist in any way shape or form but
picture these American vets picture
these men and women that give they’re
willing to give their lives for their
country and yes Ben was an active combat
like live-fire active combat so he
doesn’t it’s not like he was just a part
of the army
like he was a part of the infantry he
really did see a lot live active combat
so they’re they’re over there they’re
fighting this war Iraq and and so on and
they come home and this is who who his
doctor was and I’m gonna tell you the
experience because you people really
need to understand how it is in the real
world so his doctor is named Islam
Mohammed I’m not lying
that was his name so we walk in hey
Samantha Taylor so we walk into the VA
this is our third attempt for him to be
seen for his PTSD he was doing really
good really good for a while he’d gone
for months without seeing a doctor
taking any medication or anything like
Ben’s a very active man he doesn’t pop
pills or anything like that but he was
having some things that he needed to see
a doctor about so go to Memphis know
help his tube doctor and Tupelo no help
it would be six months out not no
kidding I think it was September or
October and they made the appointment
for February so anyway we go to school
is to Alabama
um he sits down where he’s been fighting
in this country that he’s having he’s
dealing with issues about he sits down
friend the doctor and the doctors name
is Islam Mohammad right off the bat we
have had this experience happened with
us before with the VA we knew he
wouldn’t get any help he asked me to
come into the room which normally he
doesn’t do but this time he did so he
talks to the doctor for a minute
dr. basically acts like he is making up
stuff so I said just you know let me try
to be a mediator here so I try to talk
to the doctor the doctor was no help
whatsoever and I said can you please
call his doctor in Tupelo to confirm
what we’re saying he said I could but
I’m not going to my jaw almost hit the
floor so at that point in time I knew
there was no help through the VA
whatsoever and there wasn’t ever going
to be hey papa truck prep center so for
a vet that deals with PTSD to walk into
the VA and to be dealing with issues of
combat with a certain type of person and
for you to find out your doctor is that
certain type of person his name was
Islam Mohammed and then on top of that
for the doctor to tell you he’s not
gonna help you
ah as his wife started pleading his case
because at this point time it was very
obvious that this doctor had a chip on
his shoulder for this veteran and so I
start trying to plead the case I’m
thinking well maybe Ben isn’t telling
him the right way maybe Ben isn’t
talking to him in the right way so I try
to plead his case and then and then
again I said for the second time
can you please call his regular doctor
in Tupelo to confirm what we’re saying
he’s gave me the same answer I could but
I’m not going to all right so then bid
was so mad he’s like he’s not here to
help us are you kidding it was a slap in
the face you go over to Iraq you have to
deal with combat from certain types of
people you come back into certain types
of people are working for the VA they’re
your doctors they’re supposed to be the
ones that have compassion and care about
you forget it so okay so then I go down
and speak to the patient advocate we’re
walking out the door he’s all lost all
hope with the VA whatsoever now I have
to he is about to make a last-ditch
effort to see a doctor by going to the
emergency room this is
in Tuscaloosa Alabama VA so he goes off
to the emergency room I have the kids
with me I said sit your butts down right
here y’all are colored gonna color
you’re gonna do something you’re gonna
be quiet and I walk into that patient
advocates office and I let them have it
I said I cannot believe that this doctor
basically refused treatment and which is
so she calls the the wing the the wing
the doctor wing talks to someone in
charge she talks to the doctor and then
get out of denying him care with some
type of BS loophole so I’m like and she
tells us she said this is not she said
there is no more help for Americans
especially if your skin is light or if
you are a citizen who has fought in a
war she basically said look I’m just
telling you I have to see a private
doctor and pay for it myself
my son who also has PTSD from combat
well she said my brother was shot seven
times she said he is now and I can’t
remember what state but he has decided
to basically withdraw from society and
she said he will not go anywhere near a
government facility much less the VA
because of his extreme PTSD and their
lack of compassion their lack of
devotion to help their veterans and so
I’ve never experienced all this
firsthand you hear these veterans
complaining but when I sat there and had
to face a doctor with the name Islam bow
Hamid who told basically told me he
wasn’t gonna help my husband he could
but he wasn’t going to I was like oh my
gosh I didn’t even I don’t even have a
good excuse so that’s one another reason
why for us we we are grabbing onto the
CVD products and for us for Ben’s family
being farmers I eventually wanted to get
into the farming aspect of it I love
growing stuff in fact I’m gonna cut a
greenhouse video up in a little bit I
love growing stuff it is like a passion
I have I’ve always had a green throne
I’ve played in the dirt and planted
flowers since I was like six years old
or maybe before that played in the dirt
but you get what I’m saying so for me
it’s a challenge and so I really do want
to get into the hemp and to the probably
the medicinal marijuana but if you are
in any way shape or form dealing with
anxiety PTSD problems with digestion
depression give those CBD oil products a
try I was blown away and how effective
they are just blown away and so I think
Ben was too because we’re not really
we’re not we’re not big pill poppers but
I’d reached the end of myself when it
came to not being able to sleep so when
I took one or I took two gummies and
then I gave him two it was like whoa
they actually do work not to mention
suffice that God put them here
well there is hemp CBD and there is
there’s marijuana CBD so I don’t know
what there is I’m glad you’re here to
Rocky Brook I don’t know what else to
say about that but it’s all under the
cannabis umbrella plant so if you have
if you’re having a discussion with
someone about cannabis there’s two
different sides to cannabis it’s kind of
like a tomato plant that can grow red
tomatoes or orange status the cannabis
plant can grow hemp or it can grow
marijuana and the only factor that
decides the difference in that is the
THC but the actual cannabis plant can
how can be either side of the spectrum
it can be the hemp which is the more
industrial side without the THC or it
can be the marijuana get on board if you
are in Mississippi I’m fixin to start a
group a group called missus of freedom
farmers and growers for Mississippi and
that is going to basically tackle the
hemp / marijuana issue the cannabis
altogether that’s where that’s that’s
where I want to go with it so if you all
want to participate in anything that has
to do with with fellow Mississippians
please contact your senator and your
governor right now to get them first to
pass the hemp legalization to so farmers
can get on board with growing that so
that it can be legal to produce in
Mississippi and then later the 2020
medical marijuana 2020
that one I’m gonna put a link for in the
description box as well
we need 85 some odd any top thousand I
forget what the other number is but you
need at least like I just say eighty
ninety thousand petition sign to get it
put on the ballot to be voted on in 2020
we’re really far behind the times anyway
but if y’all are interested in anything
like that when it comes to getting
involved start checking out I’m gonna
have a start checking these links out
that I’m leaving up here but I am gonna
have a gathering I’m gonna try to start
getting on board with the local farmers
around here oh here here’s another thing
hemp hemp oil and CBD oil is not the
same so if you are told
try hip oil that is not the same as CBD
oil CBD is the kemon is the cannabinoid
‘el compound this this particular
compound that is sio2 extracted and it
can be extracted from the cannabis plant
general that’s where you get the term
cannabinoid ‘el the cannabinoid ‘el
compound lives in all cannabis get that
cannabinoid ‘el compound lives in all
cannabis it can live in the hemp or it
can live in the marijuana so when they
co2 extract it from the plants you’re
getting that kinetic cannabinoid oil
either with or without the THC hemp no
THC marijuana has THC and that’s
basically what the difference is but
that hemp seed oil is not the same thing
I should have gone over this earlier the
cannabinoid oil that is this just
extracted from hemp comes from your
leaves your stems your flowers all that
hemp seed oil comes from as it said the
seed and it does have a small amount of
the CBD compound but it is not enough to
really affect you like the co2 extracted
oil so if you’re familiar with a lot of
the essential oils their oils are
extracted through steam distillation
well the sea
distillation can sometimes get high
enough in temperature that it does
damage to this cannabinoid compound so
that’s why it’s better to have the co2
extraction I should have covered that
earlier the co2 extraction is just
carbon monoxide and the gas form is is
they what they do is they make it liquid
form that pulls it out of the plants
that way it’s safer it doesn’t destroy
any of its good qualities and then it
returns back to a gas after they’re done
it’s not left in the actual compound oil
that’s extracted so it’s just a safer
way to do it instead of steam
distillation because that way it doesn’t
reach a high temperature but your your
your CBD can be found in either him or
marijuana because the oil is named after
the compound that is in all cannabis so
it’s the cannabinoid oil or the
cannabinoid ‘el oil but it comes from
that cannabinoid ‘el compound which is
in all cannabis either him or marijuana
I hope this is I’m trying to say it and
make it very clear if there’s any
questions class post them in the comment
section but that’s who I’m I’m back and
that’s who we’re gonna sell and if
you’re interested in making a purchase
to help us be able to get to that point
to make that big investment
use the code CBD the number for me all
one word CBD for me and the next two
weeks up until April 1st that sale will
give 20% off hey if y’all didn’t see our
new scrubs and all that kind of stuff
that I took to the gathering you know
check us out all that stuff is available
on our website homestead mama org
or there’s a bug season coming up look
at our natural bug repellents look at
our super salve healthy chick for those
homesteaders out there that want to
treat their chickens naturally we’ve got
tons of good stuff out there for you to
look at alright um there’s a lot of way
to extract it cannot this but not the
same well true but the the – I guess you
could say biggest ways to extract oils
are steam distillation and the co2
process so there’s not really that many
and there’s a lot of people thinking
whew infused oils are the same they’re
nowhere near as strong an infused oil
and I know this from dealing with herbs
and oils for years and years and you can
take a product let’s say an herb comfrey
and you can soak it in olive oil you can
bring the temperature to warm and you
can do that for a few days that’s one
way I do some of my infused oils for my
saps that’s gonna have some of the
compounds from that plant in the oil but
it’s not going to pull every bit of it
out like co2 would or steam distilled
would so it’s a much stronger part of
your way of getting all that out though
that’s basically the only two ways of
extracting it that’s yeah I guess gives
you the most of that compound all right
anybody else want to add anything to the
discussion for those of you that are
that are willing to sign the petition
for medical marijuana 2020 we’re gonna
actually I’m putting together a
gathering of people I keep trying to hit
on this and I got distracted I’m sorry
I’m want to start educating the farmers
around me I want to start educating the
people around me as to how beneficial
this could be for farmers because it’s
the new it really is it’s the new cotton
it’s the new thing going and before
there’s a bunch of regulations to stomp
it out I just don’t want to be I want to
be on the front end if you’re on the
front end usually in the in the
educational side and the political side
you won’t get passed by and the thing
with the medical marijuana is for this
last one that I’m going to put the link
in the description box for it is one of
the least regulated there’s not going to
be a limit on dispensaries or limit on
permits given to form that kind of thing
now there might be a money issue do you
have enough money to put up security and
all that kind of stuff there might be
some other regulations in there come
down later but it’s pretty much an open
book for for farmers to hop on the
bandwagon so I’m interested in that side
of it I think it would be just a cool
challenge to try to do that so I’m gonna
start educating and then having
so I’m going to start having a gathering
I’m planning for June hopefully to start
educating farmers to pass out petitions
to teach people the difference between
the hemp and the marijuana and to
basically get people on board for this
so if you live in the Mississippi area
you can go to my website homestead
moment org hit the contact us form and
tell me hey look out live in Mississippi
I’m willing to sign the petition
wherever I’m gonna put the link for the
Medical Marijuana 2020 in the
description box of this video as well as
the information that I found on the
green roads different things like that
but check that out check us out at
homestead mama org – and you know use
the coupon code CBD for me so that we
can go ahead and get started and sell a
DVD CBD oil I’ve had so many people ask
me about it a supper I suffer with a 5
chronic pain no sleep which oil extract
let’s see there oh message retracted
okay if you want to put that back up
Carol please do let’s see
thanks rocky Brook thanks for joining us
let’s see hey Samantha Taylor just share
one line in Ohio alright if you would
also should have never been illegal to
begin with it all started with a guy who
wanted to grow timber freely and pop a
truck I agree with you and I started
this whole thing with a Bible verse and
God said behold I’m giving you every
herb bearing seed which is upon the face
of all the earth and every tree in which
is the fruit of a tree yielding seed to
you it shall be for me so I’m totally
great God gave us this stuff there’s no
reason why it should be illegal it just
so happens that the state makes a hell
of a lot of money off of incarcerated in
finding people who have it in their
that’s the only reason and that’s what I
went over in the law I did like a little
outline of topics under the topic of
we discussed earlier under laws the only
the reason why they’re considering
making this stuff legal is because
they’re going to make more money in tax
dollars and revenues for the the seed
the planting the farming implements the
facilities built all the equipment
bought all the marijuana sold or a
cannabis or hemp CBD oil whatever when
they make enough revenue when the states
are making enough revenue to replace
what they’re making in the justice
system off of finding people for
something they have no right to find
people or on or incarcerate them then
the pendulum will switch when they see
there’s enough high demand that they’re
gonna make this money back that they’re
gonna sacrifice over here that’s when
the pendulum will switch and I’ll be
honest with you it’s really it’s
extremely unfair to do to certain races
of people who happen to be heavily
incarcerated for these things that
really shouldn’t be and so that’s a
whole nother topic in itself but I
really I don’t believe in in doing that
it’s natural CBD syrup okay this has hip
seed oil and MCT let’s see trying to get
this whole comment it works for some not
for everyone how much will your CBD oil
costs alright that’s about Robin Robin
and just depends there’s different types
you can do gummies you can do capsules
you can do tensors my favorite is the
capsules or the gummies just because you
can buy the little tin shirts and you
want to put a drop or two under the
tongue let it sit there sublingually
they’re stronger but you use a lot less
they may go longer I don’t know it
depends on what type you’re either they
even have oils for pets so I do plan to
take on that too you wouldn’t imagine
how many because of the nasty green
products that were feeding our pets and
these dog foods / cat foods nasty stuff
you wouldn’t you would not you would not
believe the stomach problems the cancers
the that hmm
action all of these animals have these
issues so it could potentially be
beneficial for those things too again
this isn’t meant to be a medical you
know replace the advice of a medical
physician but I have found that CBD oil
very very useful and so has my husband
when it comes to relaxation rest
digestion PTSD anxiety insomnia I mean I
could give you a whole list of things
restless leg syndrome then things that
we just deal with I think because we go
go go alive it’s hard to turn your body
off at night
and with so many kids making sure
everybody’s going to bed and then a done
just everything I think that we have a
hard time stopping and you know instead
of taking an ambien a benadryl you know
a valium
xanax whatever it is and that’s another
thing they’ve put so many regulations on
some pharmaceutical pills or whatever
you would say that the the people that
really do need this for PTSD for
depression whatever when they try to get
it they can’t get those why because we
have regulated these out of our medicine
I’m not even an allopathic user hardly I
do you saw them if I need it don’t let
that happen to your cannabis don’t let
that happen to him CBD oil don’t let
that happen to medical marijuana when
something becomes popular and they see
that they can regulate the hell out of
it and make tons of money on being the
middleman okay we’ve got to make sure
you’re getting a good product to the
consumer no you don’t and nobody needs
you up in our business nobody needs you
over seeing your neighbors business
that’s one reason why I’m so libertarian
because I believe a lot of what
conservative Republicans believe but I
don’t agree with our our liberals or
whatever I don’t follow that mainstream
you need to babysit your neighbor idea I
will even live and let live so if nerve
damage CBD oil absolutely emphasizing
what the scripture says about everything
okay pop attract I see what you’re
saying everything he get he did God did
not regulate squat okay so I’m talking
about regulations and talking about how
the government really does
even legally have the right to just be
doing all this stuff so most strains
getting cut so I’m gonna go ahead and
cut it off here it’s now in 15 minutes
Brad Toby you just hit the end of it so
if you want to go back and watch the
from the beginning but the basics here
is is I’ve tried to explain the
difference between him and marijuana the
CBD oils things like that the difference
in the you know what will shut people
out is these regulations and when they
do regulate something to the extreme
you’ll end up with nothing left but the
GMO products and that’s really what it
comes down to the GMO the Monsanto
companies that are growing the G and yes
there’s GMO hemp yes there’s geo no GMO
marijuana and those are primarily going
to come out of your pharmacies because
well we can look back Monsanto just
bought bear so the pharmaceutical
companies now have invested interest in
their own product which is the GMO side
of it so if you’re buying any of this
from me from afar shut it down stop it
okay just stop it stop it stop it
alright um disorder affects central
nervous system really bad and can cause
permanent nerve damage Wow Robin I am so
sorry about that
love the new farm family thumbprint
okay let’s see I live with acute
intermittent porphyria
I live with agony and stabbing pain
praying this will alleviate my pain well
all I can say is is that it has been
said taking the GMO label and replacing
it with a different name another thing
is that I covered earlier in this video
is the fact that you can buy organic and
it still be GMO because they can say
well we didn’t spray it therefore it
constitutes being organic or you know we
didn’t put chemical fertilizer in the
ground or whatever but so just be very
careful junk non GMO is super important
cannabis is a clean up plant it will
absorb anything that’s been put in the
ground before it chemical residues heavy
metals any toxins if it was grown if
there was something grown in that field
and you used chemical fertilizer before
it so that’s one reason why
getting the organic but getting the
non-gmo is so important because as it
cleans up these fields it’s carrying
those toxins into your body it will help
clean up your body as well because it is
a clean up plant
I’m gonna go ahead and get off here I
think I’ve covered everything I’m gonna
put links in the description box that I
want y’all to check out if you want to
help us get on this CBD oil thing make a
purchase that hosted moment up org use
the code CBD for me that’ll give you 20%
off thank you all so much for for
watching I hope you’ll have an awesome
day if you live in Mississippi stay on
your Senators your congressmen and your
and your governor or wherever you live
about this issue because it’s very
beneficial for mankind

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