CBD Oil Massage Tutorial – Professional ( Well – CBD )

CBD Massage Tutorial video: Great for Massage Therapists interested in incorporating CBD as an add-on or full body massage. This is a quick & easy highlight training on incorporating WELL- CBD products coupled with highly effective techniques into your next massage service. CBD is a non-psychoactive, natural, way to increase relaxation during your client’s service and extend the muscle benefits of the massage. Since an add-on for CBD oil takes no additional time for the service and no equipment needed, those dollars go straight to your profit. Earn more on each service while providing an elevated experience for your client. Benefits of CBD Massage include: -Pain Relief -Post workout muscle tension relief -Stress Relief -Better nights sleep -Nourishing your skin Pro Tip: Apply heat with warm towel or heat wrap to warm up the muscle, promote circulation, and increase the effectiveness of the CBD. – Anasia, consulting massage therapist for Live Love Spa. Find out more about Well-CBD at https://well-cbd.com/ Ask about their opening order special! CBD oil massage can be found at these prestigious spas: Pacific Waters Spa – Hyatt Huntington Beach, CA Laguna Cliffs Spa and Resort – Laguna Beach, CA The Edgewater Hotel and Spa – Madison, WI Gene Juarez Salon and Spa – Bellevue, Washington Sego Lily Spas – Utah Midtown Athletic Club – Chicago and many more…
today we’re gonna show you guys a few
techniques on how to take your massages
to the next level
upgrade your massage for a targeted CBD
add-on or full body experience
therapeutic benefits include reducing
inflammation post-workout muscle tension
relief stress relief pain relief a
better night’s sleep
and nourishing your skin for your
preparation we’re going to need 1 to 3
hot towels and two ounces of
pre-measured Wells CBD cream or oil and
then one dry towel start out warming up
the shoulders and neck with a hot towel
doing alternating shoulder presses
effleurage starting at the pictorials
around the shoulders and move up all the
way to the occipital Ridge and hold
allowing the neck to decompress do this
three times
next do a levator stretch and have your
client take 3 deep breaths as you hold
this stretch
release the stretch and do a relieving
squeeze for the trap and hold allowing
it to release
to end take a rolled-up hot towel and
place it under the occipital Ridge put a
little amount of cream on the tips of
your two fingers and massage it into the
temples and transition into a relaxing
scalp massage
make sure the drape allows for the lower
glute to be accessed place the hot towel
on the lower glute warming up the
muscles with some fist compressions
locate the piriformis muscle using a
fist or elbow depending on the level of
pressure your client desires hold the
piriformis with the other hand hold the
top of the foot and bend the knee at a
90 degree angle bring the foot towards
the opposite leg and then slowly rotate
the foot towards you this creates an
active release do this a few times until
you feel the muscle release ease up
pressure slowly from the upper hand and
rotate the knee in a clockwise motion
and then counterclockwise slowly shake
the foot down and let it rest
begin with a hot towel on the back and
cat’s paw up and down along the spine
stopping for a moment to hold a sacrum
stretch for a few breaths spread the oil
on the back using effleurage movements
then run both hands down one side of the
back so you’re standing on one side
facing the client take both forearms in
the middle of the back right under the
ribcage using the lower arm slowly begin
to glide it towards the sacrum while
simultaneously gliding the upper arm
towards the neck stopping the lower arm
right at the QL and the upper arm on the
lower trapezius this will create a great
stretch as well as release common
trouble areas do this a few times
wrap one foot with a hot towel and do
some gentle stretches rotate the ankle
and warm up the foot using the thumbs
start at the bottom of the foot move up
in the middle and spread out like a fan
as you move up towards the toes release
and do this again this is great for
someone experiencing plantar fasciitis
symptoms hold one hand under the ankle
and the other hand on top of the foot
and do a gentle pull to release the hip
continue those therapeutic
pain-relieving benefits with an at-home
Sal cream oil or bath soak all right
guys well I hope you enjoyed learning
some of these techniques if you have a
few techniques that you’d like to
mention go ahead and mention them down
in the comments I’d love to hear them if
you like this type of content and you
haven’t already go ahead and subscribe
to our YouTube channel and remember live
well love always and spa often catch you
next time

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