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Learn more detailed information about CBD and lung cancer in this intermediate video from Hope with Answers. Our intermediate series provides more details for those who need a deeper knowledge about issues surrounding lung cancer. In this video, Dr. Ross Camidge of The University of Colorado, Denver Medical Center digs a little deeper into CBD oil for lung cancer with patient and advocate Matt Aresndorf. Can CBD oil be used to help lung cancer patients? What can it be used for? How and where can I get it? Available online, anytime you need it and anywhere you are, Hope With Answers℠ pairs lung cancer patients with leading lung cancer doctors talking about the questions that matter most to lung cancer patients. And, getting the answers from doctors who specialize in lung cancer and dedicate their careers to staying up to date on the best tests, latest effective treatment options, and what exciting things are on the horizon to help lung cancer patient. The Hope With Answers℠ video series includes videos on biomarker testing, staging in lung cancer, targeted therapies, immunotherapies, thoracic surgery, EGFR biomarker, ALK biomarker, clinical trials and much more. The videos are designed as stepping stones with the Intro videos discussing the most basic information, followed by the intermediate videos with some deeper knowledge and the in-depth videos providing the most intricate details. Hope With Answers℠ : Available 24/7/365 at https://LCFAmerica.org/HopeWithAnswers
thank you for joining us on help with
answers I’m mad arse or four lung cancer
survivor and patient and I’m here today
with dr. Ross hammock and we’re going to
continue our conversation about CBD THC
marijuana and how it is used in lung
cancer treatments can we start with
talking about how it can be used what
it’s good for and maybe what’s still not
proven as for symptoms or a possibly a
curative approach so it I mean we said
there’s THC and CBD so the CBD tends to
work best for the symptoms that we
associate with cancer and some of the
treatments for cancer so it works for
lack of appetite and work for insomnia
it can work for anxiety it can work for
pain I’ve had some patients that be able
to come off their opiate painkillers
that can work for nausea the thing is
it’s just a drug though I mean it works
for some people just like any other
painkiller anything else it doesn’t work
for everybody so it’s it’s just another
tool in the armamentarium that we can
use okay the THC has pretty limited
medical role I’d say I mean there there
are people who’ve pushed the very high
THC forms of this something called Rick
Simpson oil sure has a treatment for
cancer and I think there’s a tiny bit of
truth in that but if you think about all
of the developments in lung cancer it’s
all about personalized therapy so why
should there be one treatment for every
kind of cancer it doesn’t make any sense
I think that’s just wishful thinking
okay so if someone was interested in
starting to use CBD or THC as another
tool in their lung cancer treatment yeah
how would you want them to approach you
and then let’s also talk about how they
can go about getting it where they
should get it from and then also how
they should go about using it you know
methods of edibles smoking at vaping you
know what’s what’s the best options out
there so in states where it’s legal for
both recreational and medical as in
Colorado I mean technically you don’t
even have to go see your doctor you
could just go in and get the stuff rec
reader recreationally the difference
ring recreational medical is the price
it’s essentially the same stuff or the
same range of things that you can select
you go to the medical ramp you go to
your doctor and I don’t prescribe it I
don’t get out my prescription pad and
say you need this and this dose and this
often all I do is fill out the details
so you can get an ID card so you can get
the reduced price sure I mean my biggest
worry though is then you go into a
dispensary and somebody who may have no
medical knowledge may really just be up
to speed on their recreational aspects
is then the person saying oh yeah you
need this one yeah sure
what are some things we still don’t know
about CBD and THC in its uses well I
mean I mean it’s a really long list so
the the fact that they are I mean this
is a natural product there’s an analogy
that’s a bit like saying you know your
doctor says you know you should have
some alcohol and you go into a liquor
store and they say the doctor said I
should have some alcohol what should I
get and the guy behind the things that
you want beard you want wine you want
liquor or whatever so we’re kind of at
that state you know which strain of
marijuana do you take how do you take it
generally speaking I would suggest you
take something orally you know I think
smoking it vaping it is a bad idea these
are very sensitive tissues in your lungs
it can be a solid gummy or a candy it
can be an oil which allows you to be
very sensitive you can’t get it as
creams but that’s the only gonna be an
issue you’ve got like an achy joints ER
I think the the other things we don’t
know is you know what dose do you take
how often do you take it sometimes these
things can get into your system very
quickly ones that the oils tend to get
in quicker
some people even rub it on their gums
which get into their system very quickly
sure but if you do that if you don’t or
if you don’t know that aspect you can
overdose really quickly you know a 1
square at the chocolate bar I think
nothing’s happened 20 minutes later 8
the rest of the chocolate bar and then 2
hours later I’m completely stoned so all
of this is unknown and desperately in
need of study definitely what about drug
interactions if someone wants to find
out if the treatment they’re on the
target therapy they’re on how it works
with with marijuana where should they go
for that information or who can they ask
well what we’re mostly worried about is
when two drugs and marijuana is a drug
our men
tab alized are broken down in the body
in the same way and they’re going to
interfere with each other so they’re
either going to increase the levels of
one of the drugs or decrease them and so
the best place to do is to go to your
your your pharmacist in a Cancer Center
and say look I’m thinking about starting
I’m already on these treatments is that
okay and I think that’s the best place
to stop but it goes back to the idea of
you know don’t do the experiment this
weekend and then tell your doctor that
you did it say hey this weekend I’m
thinking about going to see a dispensary
the first time what should I look out
for okay perfect
do you have anything else add you want a
touch base on this well so here’s my
question so have you taken marijuana I
have many many years ago obviously not
as a treatment option again but I think
what what I really like is that you
answer that question directly and this
has been a sort of taboo subject for a
while and if the patient asked me have I
taken marijuana is I smoked it once it
had no effect I was on a canal boat with
some friends were stoned out of their
head and I was the one left driving it’s
a true story there then you know you
have to be able to address it upfront
without being awkward about it sure and
that’s what maintains trust perfect okay
well thanks for your time and thank you
for joining us on hope with answers

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