BAKE WITH ME: Chocolate CBD Cake | Tina Kosnik

SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL http://bit.ly/2wk2eza & Thumbs UP ! Sugar & Kush CBD – Sugar & Kush 500 MG CBD OIL DROP Use my code “Tina30” – https://bit.ly/3bHISsn all-natural ingredients, keto-friendly, dairy-free, gluten-free, and vegan (except chocolate chip). * 0 Calories per serving * 0 Sugar per serving * CBD gummies KETO friendly * All Natural * Great Tasting * Convenient OnTheGo Snack * Hand Made/Hand Crafted * Made in USA | Non-GMO | Zero THC #sugarandkush_ambassador Tools – Hand Mixer Baking pan : size 9×13, bundt, cupcakes, 8 inch, whatever you got sis Large Mixing Bowl Ingredients – 1 Box Chocolate Cake Mix (my fav) – ** You can use the same steps to pretty much and boxed cake so if chocolate is not your thing or youre allergic try lemon, strawberry, funfetti, you get it 1 Cup of Melted Earth Balance Vegan Butter – Canola Oil Cooking spray – *if you cannot get just use butter, olive oil, veggie oil, coconut oil, any of those will work 1/4 cup of Instant or brewed coffee 1/4 cup of Pecans 1/2 cup of White Chocolate Chips 4 Eggs (vegans can use egg replacement or Applesauce ! ) 20 Drops of CBD Oil (dosage is up to you) – The vanilla tastes sooooo mf good 1/3 cup of Nutella..because, Nutella bish 1 cup of Dairy Free Milk – Almond, Oat, flax, rice, soy, any of those will work fine Directions – 1. Grease your pan 2. Pre heat over to 350 Degrees deepening on the type of pan. These details are also on the back of your box mix for reference 3. Mix all of your ingredients into your mixing bowl and mix until smooth 4. If youre Pecans aren’t already crushed, crush them. I suggest using a ziplock bag and a rolling pin but if you dont have that im sure you can figure out how to get them crushed. 5. Spoon in your Nutella if you have. 6. Fold in the white chocolate chips, crushed pecans, and nutella. Do not over mix. 7. make sure your pan is greased realllll good 8. after adding your batter into your pan, add some white chocolate chips on top 9. bake for 30-35 mins. USE A TIMER! Dont forget them in the oven. 10. use a fork or knife to check the batter, if you poke the cake and it comes out clean its done. Take it out and let it cool. 11. before you eat YOU MUST SEND ME A VIDEO of your first bite and let me know what you think!! Tag me on IG or Twitter @tinakosnik Video I mentioned – Sugar and Kush CBD https://youtu.be/LzG0f5N5P-8Gummies, Cookies, and Cotton Candy Oil #sugarandkush #cbd #review xx Tina K ___ ➜ Follow Me Around Instagram : http://bit.ly/1LIfqnS NEW Insta : https://bit.ly/2K50wua Facebook :working on this 😉 Twitter : https://bit.ly/2xC03wH Email/PR Contact : PR@tinakosnik.com www.tinakosnik.com ➜ Shop with my codes & Links ! * I make small commissions off of your use of these codes. It helps me out a lot and keeps my channel going! I will update and add whenever I get new ones. Thank you for using them. My Favorite CBD, use code “tina30” – https://bit.ly/2Vi1yJM Ofra Cosmetics, use code “tinak” for 20% off – http://bit.ly/2f69sBg Green Powder use code “tinak” for 30% off – https://bit.ly/2Vui0W4 Amazon Favorites – https://amzn.to/3ev4GJC Save $$ with Ebates – https://bit.ly/34ItpWj UBER $$ – https://ubr.to/2Kd5B3K Door Dash – Get $10 Off – https://bit.ly/3cn5EWw GrubHub – Get $5 Off – https://bit.ly/2xDKkNH ♡ The Music used for this video – Song: Joakim Karud – Classic (Vlog No Copyright Music) Music provided by Vlog No Copyright Music. Video Link: https://youtu.be/COWVJbyEaW4 ♡ __ #tinakosnik #CBD #sugarandkush #bakingrecipe #chocolatecakerecipe #cbdchocolate#cbdchocolatecake #cbdbakingrecipes #upgradeboxcakemix

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