Heal your brain – Lionsmane, CBD Oil and Coconut Oil

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hey guys want to talk about the nervous
system and specifically the brain and
why is the nervous system so important
well for one when you were being
developed and your mother’s womb the
very first system that’s formed is your
nervous system and the nerves
branch out in the in the embryo so it’s
a very first system to completely
develop and it affects every pretty much
every function in your body so we’re
talking about behavioral psychological
automatic responses in your body like
breathing your thoughts your heartbeat
movements of your muscles of your joints
everything so it’s it’s very very
important and then in brain damage I’m
going to talk about how I specifically
healed some of my brain damage because
if we understand the nervous system and
then in the brain if we understand how
the neurons grow and get damaged and how
to regrow them then we can learn how to
heal brain damage so that’s what I had
to learn about to learn how to heal my
own um and a lot of people believe it
you can’t heal brain damage that once
it’s done it’s done there’s nothing you
can do about that but that is not true
there’s a lot of new science coming out
on that today so some of the things that
I have used to regrow neurons in my
brain and not just your brain but it
will grow help regrow neurons anywhere
it’s gonna be lion’s mane mushroom
extract CBD oil and then coconut oil
coconut oils not so much the neurons
himself but the myelin sheath that she’s
the neuron and I believe there’s
actually scientific research and
journals out on all three of these
regarding its how they help regrow your
own so don’t just take it from me do
your own research but I’m just going to
kind of illustrate
how neurons work a little bit strong
this board so kind of think of your
nervous system is like a tree that has a
bunch of branches right this isn’t
perfect this is just to illustrate to
you guys right so these are these are
the neurons in your brain for this
example in your brain but they go
through everywhere and I’m just gonna
draw let’s say this is the myelin sheath
that goes on the outside to protect it
right so let’s draw a little bit of that
so what happens when you have things
like mercury or aluminum in your brain
they destroy the myelin sheath so once
that protective covering is gone you
just have a neuron that’s just exposed
and since the things like mercury and
aluminum are neurotoxins without
protection they actually can get
destroyed and that’s gonna change all
kinds of things in your autumn autonomic
nervous system it’s gonna change your
behaviors it’s gonna change your
subconscious everything that’s just
running on on automatic if it gets
damaged it’s changing your thought
pattern think of your of your nervous
system like a railway when we can even
go this way or this way let’s just say
this is a good healthy
and this is a bad way well let’s just
say if that good healthy neural pathway
gets damaged old slaps this is an
example of just a bad neural pathway
then will lead to bad bad choices bad
psychology bad thoughts so that’s why
it’s so important to heal brain damage
because it’s like you’re getting stuck
on a negative loop whether it’s bad
decisions suicidal thoughts drug use
relational problems unhealthy eating
choices anything it starts with the
neural pathways in your brain and they
can get damaged quite easily so CBD oil
and lion’s mane mushroom extract have
been shown to actually regrow damaged
neural pathways in the brain and then
coconut oil is what the myelin sheath is
made out of so coconut oil won’t
actually regrow damaged neurons but it
will protect what you already have yeah
so that’s all I got today for for
healing brain damage but those three
things have been very beneficial for me
personally and I’ve seen it I helped a
lot with like depression and just making
better healthier decisions in my own
life so hopefully that helps comment
feel free to ask me any questions if
this was helpful to you at all please
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have a great day thank you

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