NORDIC OIL 5% CBD REVIEW Worth it or just Overpriced CBD? ?

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hi I’m Natalia with green valley nation
and today I have for you review of this
product which is Nordic oil 5% CBD oil
if you’re new to this channel welcome
today I would like to chat with you
about nordic oil 5% CBD oil if you would
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course link is down below have you ever
heard about no recoil I know I haven’t
but I have a feeling that this brand
cannot be soon very popular right now
the products are available in Europe but
soon they gonna expand a little bit more
to also other countries outside Europe
what we know about nordic oil is that
they started a small small project but
soon they started to grow more and more
nordic oils mission is to spread the
information about CBD build the
community with the people who know how
to use it as a medicinal herb and also
to become high quality CBD products
provider they grow their industrial hemp
organically and locally mainly in
Germany the hemp is not genetically
modified and is grown in natural way
without any herbicides pesticides and
the products that company offers do not
contain any colorings preservatives on
the ingredient list the products are
100% safe for people allergic to gluten
and also for vegans personally I really
like the fact that Nordic oils tries to
keep the products very clean natural and
safe it’s not always the case because
some companies would add today
ingredients list some in my opinion
unnecessary ingredients if you would
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nordic oils i was intrigued when i saw
that on the website they offer eight
types of different CBD products you can
find their capsules in liquids oils
pastes you can find their products not
only for human but
for your pets I’m very happy to inform
that Nordic oils also offers CBD
products for cats and dogs all mammals
have cannabinoid receptors so actually
you can use CBD also to ease the anxiety
or pain of your animal I think that now
we should talk specifically about this
product this is 5% CBD oil and it is one
of the lightest CBD oils that the
company offers the buffer contains 500
milligrams of CBD
and it is approximately 250 drops so one
drops contain one drop contains two
milligrams of CBD suggested serving size
is 3 to 10 drops the label says that you
should not exceed more than 30 drops a
day of course if you are new to CBD
products you should start with taking 1
to 3 drops three times per day all
batches are tested by a third-party
laboratory and actually the lab test
results are attached to your package if
you if you order your oil directly from
the nordic oil website right now we can
read the lab results together so for my
product I can see already that it
doesn’t contain any significant amounts
of THC and so this product won’t make
you high it contains CBD and it is 5.2
percent so it is what the label says and
it also contains other vital
cannabinoids but in smaller amounts
there is a little bit more of CPG it is
0.1 percent of CBG CPG is not
psychoactive so after ingestion it won’t
make you high however taking CBG with
CBD may actually enhance the health
promoting properties of CBD so in my
opinion it is a good thing
moreover this product was also tested or
pesticides residues for more than 300
pesticides residues and all of them were
negative so this this oil doesn’t
contain any pesticides and I’m very
happy that actually
this this came with the oil so I didn’t
have to go to a website to look for that
information okay right now I told you a
little bit about the general information
of the nordic oil 5% CBD oil but right
now I would like to give you some
personal insight into my experience with
that oil so first of all I have to give
a big thumbs up to the company for the
packaging because with the oil with the
oil we also received not only their love
results as I told you before but also a
small brush or leaflet and also a
keyring with the name of the company so
that’s very nice I really like when the
company makes an effort to just please
the customer with a nicely looking
package personally I found this pressure
extremely informative because it
contains CBD dowsing guides so as you
can see this oil has very nice and clean
design which I really like the dropper
is black but that the bottle itself is
transparent which is in my opinion it
might be not a good thing because then
you have to really remember to keep this
oil in the dark place because oils in
transparent bottles have a tendency to
oxidize but in this case it might not be
really a issue because the label is
almost all around the bottle let’s right
now take a closer look at this product
so what about the smell yeah I would say
that it has very mild sense so that’s
good because I don’t like very very
strong sense and the oil itself it’s
it’s yellow or golden however you were
gonna call it and it’s very easy flowing
so it actually doesn’t get stuck in a
dropper and right now I would like to
show you how to take it because maybe
you don’t have experience to much
experience with CBD so you put a little
bit in the dropper however you match you
wanna do it yourself and you put few
drops under your tongue then you keep it
there for 60 seconds because CBD is best
absorbed from under the tongue another
my small tip is that just before or just
after dosing yourself with CBD you could
eat something fat because patty could
even help you to absorb better of course
in this case the CBD is already
the diluted in hemp seed oil which is
rich in minerals vitamins and also has
some omega-3 omega-3 and omega-6 fatty
acids but of course yeah I would I would
eat something more with it okay let’s
let’s put it under my tongue now I’m
gonna chat with you a little bit about
my own personal experience with this CBD
product I’m not sure if you ever heard
about the adaptogenic herbs but in my
opinion CBD works as an adaptogen so it
promotes balance and harmony in your
body if you feel very angry agitated it
may help you to to feel more relaxed and
if you feel very fatigued you like
unmotivated like you don’t want to do
anything therefore it can give you a
little bit of boost of energy and it and
this is my personal experience with that
product whenever I felt like I’m having
inside a lot of like negative energy
whenever I would take that product it
would help me to relax a little bit more
but also when I was super tired and I
took this product it helped me to you
know to be a little bit motivated and
open I have been taking that products
two to three times a day and when I took
it with the breakfast and after the
breakfast I would do my morning
meditation I can tell you that thanks to
CBD I could access them meditative state
much easier and I felt way calmer and
than ever before another interesting fun
fact is that while taking this CBD oil I
could also drink a little bit more
coffee I don’t know if you have that but
when I do drink many caffeinated drinks
I can feel a little bit you know jittery
and I can be a little bit agitated but I
think that while taking that product and
that product would work in a way that it
would I would feel more relaxed more
calm and and of course the coffee gives
you more energy I would say that those
two substances at coffee and CBD oil
they would balance each other out each
other out so I could drink coffee and
get many benefits from drinking coffee
like increased energy but I didn’t have
and negative negative effects of from
overconsumption of coffee so that’s the
fun fact I don’t know if that would work
also as that for you but please if you
have any experiences with SCPD oils and
coffee let me know in the comments down
below how it works for your body I guess
that we are approaching the end of this
review so let me tell you that I’m very
happy with that product and of course
with their customer service because I
had some questions about that product
and yeah and the customer service and
the answers which I received from the
company were very satisfactory so I’m
happy about that I’m also very happy
with that with the efforts that this oil
gave me the only complaint I could have
that I think that the price is is a
little bit high I bought this product
with the minus 20 person discount
because that was offered on a website so
for me that was good value of money but
again this is a high quality product so
you cannot expect that it’s gonna be
cheap right okay so that will be all
what I prepared for you today if you
have any experience with any other
Nordic oil products please let me know
in the comments down below or if you
have a question about this particular
product I’m wondering are you any CPD
products available on the European
market which you would like me to review
for you before you purchase it so please
of course let me know and if you would
like to see more of our CBD products
reviews please subscribe to our channel
you can also visit our website where you
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will be offered today I’m wishing you a
very very good day thank you for
watching and see you next time bye

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