Amazing effects of CBD oil on Tremors

Treating non medical tremors after mini strokes. Ask Why isn’t every doctor looking into this? doing the research? and giving patients this option? Do the research into how many people are benefiting from this healthier alternative. It’s disgusting that its been withheld and educated doctors can look you in the face and play dumb… They will tell you there just isn’t enough information or research, it’s a lie! greed and laziness because they are being offered incentives from big pharmaceutical companies that don’t want you to know about the effectiveness of CBD treatment for a multitude of medical Issues. We’re not falling for it anymore. Tell anyone, tell everyone CBD is life changing and should be an available option for all. Doctors educate yourselves if you don’t know. STOP prescribing medications that cause more damage from the side effects than the actual problem. Enough is enough.
all right this is a tremor that’s left
as a result of stroke that is
non-medical and we have been told that
we can treat it with epileptic seizure
medication which is absolutely
and so we’ve decided to try an
alternative which is CBD oil as you can
see these tremors are a lot worse than
the left hand that he uses more often
but affects every part of his life from
trying to pick up a glass run tools work
quality of life is definitely diminished
so we’ll come back to you after we try
just point zero one of CBD oil and show
you what this stuff does okay we’re back
again this is about six minutes that’s
six minutes in you can see it’s reduced
a lot there’s still a little bit of a
twinge there so we’re gonna give it a
little bit more time and we’ll be back
pretty amazing eh okay so here we are
back again it’s been less than an hour
so usually it can take up to an hour to
fully work doing simple tasks it’s
something that’s very challenging and
what am I going to show you would be
virtually impossible I want him to show
you how much of the CBD oil he actually
took so holding it and see still got
some shakes still waiting
but yeah getting better 0.1 all right so
let’s see those hands again of course
the dog thinks for doing something but
this is pretty life-changing so I think
everybody needs to know about this I
know that this is not the same as
smoking pot this is medical grade
cannabis that was prescribed to us by a
doctor and we got a referral through our
family doctor and yeah I just think
everybody should see this pretty amazing
all right
yay see we need oil all right so I’m
coming back again just to show you that
it’s been another 15 minutes and you can
see again even better
holding being able to manage manipulate
set it down and just put your hand out
and that’s another few more minutes so
I’d say the full effects probably about
an hour and that was taking as you saw a
teeny tiny amount a few drops underneath
his tongue and yeah this is amazing so
show all your friends show your doctors
be your own advocate and don’t always
think that you have to poison yourself
with a bunch of bunch of pills alright
thanks for watching bye

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