Inside look at how CBD oil is made

It’s national CBD Day, which recognizes the hemp-derived supplement that many folks use daily for self-care.
now it is national CBD day recognizing
the hemp derived supplement that many
people use daily for self-care but
before gets onto our store shelves there
is an extensive process that starts it
in the growing fields News 5s Jessica
barreto joining us live with more on
that this morning Jessica free right now
I’m at the fields at Veritas Farms where
we’re surrounded by about 38,000 hemp
plants and I’m actually joined by the VP
of agriculture here Spencer fuller
Spencer talked to me about what we’re
seeing around us yep right here we are
in the middle of our field agriculture
this is where all of our hemp plants
flower off they’re gonna be here until
about October when we begin the harvest
process we put these out in May and
we’re expecting around 70,000 pounds of
dried hemp plant
in the greenhouse we saw the moms and
over here we’re seeing what the moms
actually produced all their little
babies so we do drip irrigation
basically what that is is each little
plant gets its own watering and we run
that on a cycle through our own well
here on on property and we’re a 100%
organic cultivation awesome and so you
have some products on you can you talk
to me about what these are yep right
here we have our solve it’s a cooling
it’s really awesome super cooling
obviously and our moisturizing lotion
you can’t go wrong with that as well as
our orange cream lip balm you can find
these in Kroger stores City Market King
Soopers so how long does it take from us
to see the plants here to them going
inside those products it’s gonna take us
about six months to finish our process
here before we hand it over to
extraction okay awesome anything else
you wanted to ask no I think just kind
of enjoy the view Thank You Spencer
appreciate it
and actually industrial hemp was a
federally legalized in 2018 with the
passing of the farm bill so now you can
find all these products online and
inside retailers – always watching out
for you Southern Colorado Jessica
barreto used by

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