7 On Your Side: CBD oil is all the rage, but is it worth it?

Some claim it’s the latest miracle cure. Ads say it eliminates pain, boosts your immune system and will even give you a great night’s sleep. All you have to do is take a tiny drop of CBD oil, derived from a marijuana plant. It is legal, but it is not cheap to buy. MORE: http://bit.ly/2MPtYDu
so some claim it’s the latest miracle
cure ads say it eliminates pain it
boosts your immune system and will even
give you a great night’s sleep all you
have to do is take a tiny drop of CBD
oil derived from a marijuana plant it is
legal but it’s not cheap to buy 7 on
your side’s Horace Holmes finding out if
CBD oil is really worth it
Stephanie Cahn suffers from arthritis
I have also have really bad scoliosis so
my spine is very curved and I am often
in a lot of pain to cope once a day she
takes a dropper of this special oil I
notice if I don’t take it within a
couple of days everything starts hurting
that I forgot had been hurting CBD
extracted from cannabis the marijuana
plant some call the oil as substance
with promise it’s a good age young for
anxiety and then for sleep problems some
call for caution it sounds really
wonderful and I wish it were true this
is doctor or sheet ma cherie a professor
at georgetown university school of
medicine and a family doctor she says
there’s huge commercial hype claiming
CBD helps nearly everything from pain to
insomnia but is it really work I can’t
recommend it yet because there are no
studies in humans that talk about the
effects on pain or the effects on
anxiety while he agrees the scientific
proof of CBDs effectiveness is
incomplete dr. McKay elder Kagan of
George Washington University feels it’s
a huge potential because we know the
theory behind it an advisory committee
to the Food and Drug Administration has
recommended approval of a CBD based drug
to treat seizures
now Kagan uses CBD oil in conjunction
with traditional medical practices and
finds it does help his patients it helps
with anxiety it helps you relax
but you don’t get high but it’s not a
cure-all doctors do agree there aren’t
any real side-effects though but because
it’s not regulated there’s no assurance
about the quality of what you buy at
least online you can purchase it at a
licensed dispensary or online in CBD oil
costs about 100 to 200 dollars for a
month’s supply I’m Horace Holmes ABC
seven years

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